Fire Emblem Developer Intelligent Systems Reveals Studio Growth In Wake Of Successful Year

Intelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem series had an extremely strong 2019, with Fire Emblem: Three Houses earning critical acclaim and the best launch sales figures in the series history. Meanwhile, the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes has made more money than any other Nintendo mobile game.

This success has allowed Intelligent Systems to grow, according to their updated company profile (which is in Japanese, but has been translated and summarized by Siliconera). The developer now has 169 employees, the highest number they’ve ever had. This includes 68 graphic designers and 63 programmers.

This figure has grown from the 130 employees the company had in 2011, before the release of the very popular Fire Emblem: Awakening. The studio is also employing more women than ever before, now making up 31% of the team.

Intelligent Systems was formed in 1986, and has also worked on several other beloved series in the past, including WarioWare, Advance Wars, and Paper Mario. They have not announced their next game yet, but rumors suggest that a Fire Emblem remake originally planned for the 3DS has been moved over to the Switch.

This is not confirmed, though–it’s possible that another one of their major franchises will come to the system instead, or even something entirely new.

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