Zombie Army 4: Meat Locker Walkthrough And Collectibles

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is an exciting game filled with tense battles and pulpy humor. Although it isn’t amongst the best zombie games, it certainly leaves a creative mark on the genre.

The third campaign in Zombie Army 4 is called Meat Locker. It involves the hero exploring Sardinia to find Dr. Schweiger. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Meat Locker campaign.

Chapter 1: The Hunt For Dr. Schweiger Walkthrough

Follow Dr. Schweiger’s trail through the woods to catch up with him.

Hunt For Dr. Schweiger Comic

You’ll find your first collectible in a house in the woods. As you make your way along the trail, you’ll pass through a large opened gate.

When you go through, look right to find a bright streetlamp. Go over to it and enter the adjacent house. There is a comic inside on a chair.

Continue through the woods to a slope, where some suiciders will charge at you. A group of zombies will also start shambling down towards you.

Hunt For Dr. Schweiger Document

You will find a large, ominous checkpoint with lots of heads on spikes. Go through to find two houses. The house on the left is filled with axes. There is a document on a chair inside.

There are a few blood seals before the next collectible, so keep moving through the woods and kill zombies whenever you see a seal.

Hunt For Dr. Schweiger Zombie Hand

Eventually, a cutscene will trigger revealing a zombie APC half-track vehicle. This is where you will find a zombie hand.

When you first enter the area from the bunker, you will see an extremely bright spotlight far away. Look in this direction and then look up to see a zombie hand running along a branch.

Hunt For Dr. Schweiger Upgrade Kit

Go down the slope from the bunker and go around to the right until you see two train cars. There’s an upgrade kit in the train car on the left.

Destroy the half-track by shooting the red flashing armor panels. Then, go to open the blast doors. They will fail and you will be tasked with filling a canister from various pieces of wreckage.

  • This can be very overwhelming as zombies will swarm you whilst filling the canister.

Use takedowns to refill your health if you get in a bad situation and keep an eye out for suiciders.

Once the canister is refilled, go to the blast door to trigger a cutscene. Armored zombies will start marching towards you. Kill them to open a blood seal, which unlocks the path to the safe room.

Go inside to complete Chapter 1: The Hunt For Dr. Schweiger.

Chapter 2: Into Darkness Walkthrough

Start Into Darkness by restocking in the safe room and using any upgrade kits. Leave when you are ready to trigger a cutscene, revealing Creepers. These are a new, sneaky type of zombie.

Into Darkness Comic

Your first objective will be to restart the breakers in the bunker. Doing this will turn on the power, unlocking the next door, and providing some light.

  • After restarting all four, be careful of the door that opens.

A flamer will burst through, followed by some armored zombies. Clear these to continue.

When you go through the door, there will be some stairs. Before going up, turn right and go through the doorway to find a comic on a crate.

Into Darkness Upgrade Kit

At the top of the stairs, turn right to enter a shooting range. Continue through to the next room to find an upgrade kit on a shelf.

Into Darkness Zombie Hand

Continue with the objective until you reach a Boxing Ring, where some zombies will be waiting. Kill them and follow the objective marker through the door marked Sezione 3.

This will lead into a corridor. One of the doors in the corridor will take you into a classroom, where you will find a zombie hand on the chalkboard.

Into Darkness Document

Continue through the level until you need to find some thermite charges. Follow the compass as it leads you straight to them. As you look for one of them, you will find yourself in a canteen area.

Go upstairs and continue through the open doorway to find a barracks with some beds. There is a document on the table in the middle of this room.

Find the thermite and breach the blast door to find the safe room, completing Chapter 2: Into Darkness.

Chapter 3: Supernatural Superweapon Walkthrough

Resupply in the safe area and then enter the Weapon Research Lab to start the third chapter.

Supernatural Superweapon Zombie Hand

When you enter the large lab for the first time, look up to see all the metal girders along the ceiling. Using your scope, look along them all until you see the zombie hand running around.

Supernatural Superweapon Upgrade Kit

You will be tasked with finding three firing components. Follow your compass to find them.

For one, it will lead you over the barrier in the middle of the lab and into an office on the right. You will see the upgrade kit on a desk in the office.

Supernatural Superweapon Comic

Leave the office and go back into the main lab. Go to the middle barrier again, but don’t climb over. Instead, turn around and go to the far right corner of the room. There is a comic on a desk in the corner.

Supernatural Superweapon Document

The final collectible in this chapter is found in the bio distillation room. Don’t worry about what that means – you will go there as an objective later in the mission. Look around on the desks on the right side of the room to find a document.

Finish building the bomb and put it in the rocket housing to unlock the safe room, completing Chapter 3: Supernatural Superweapon.

Chapter 4: Schweiger’s Revenge Walkthrough

Resupply in the bunker whilst Karlos informs you of Dr. Schweiger’s death. Leave the bunker through a door downstairs to begin Chapter 4.

Schweiger’s Revenge Zombie Hand

When you leave the safe room bunker, look over at the other bunker outside that’s marked as an objective. You will see a zombie hand running around on the roof.

Schweiger’s Revenge Heroic Action

Run around the large white canisters to find a resistance fighter standing outside. An Armored zombie is marching towards them.

  • Kill the Armored zombie before it mauls the resistance fighter to complete the heroic action.

Schweiger’s Revenge Document

Head into the Resistance bunker marked as an objective at the start of the mission. Inside, there is a viewing area where a resistance fighter will be stood looking out. Enter and turn left to find a document on a crate.

Schweiger’s Revenge Upgrade Kit

Leave the bunker and pass under the bridge. Turn around and look for some barrels under the bridge to find a weapon upgrade kit.

Schweiger’s Revenge Comic

After finding the weapon upgrade kit, turn around and go over to the sandbags. Move around them into the corner. You’ll find a comic on top of a sandbag.

After getting the last collectible, activate the rocket and survive the incoming horde. This goes on for a while, so hold them off in the bunker with the other resistance fighters.

Schweiger’s Revenge Zombie Tank Boss

Eventually, the rocket will get jammed on the launch pad. Go back up to the control panel and restart the conveyor belt to trigger a cutscene and spawn in a zombie tank.

  • This boss battle can be tough, but there are plenty of weapons at your disposal.

Run to the bunker and use the mounted turret to destroy the armor plates on either side as the tank drives around. Then, wait for it to drive past an explosive and blow it up.

Wait for the rocket to calibrate and fire it to destroy the Hell Tower, completing the Meat Locker campaign.

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