Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Secret Of The Snowy Peaks Guide – Suma Sahma Shrine Location

If there’s one thing you can count on in Zelda: Breath of the Wild its the fact that there will always be something more to discover. The vast world of Hyrule is packed with secrets, items, enemies, puzzles, and, of course, tons of shrines. The Suma Sahma shrine is one that even the most careful explorer might miss, and just knowing where to look doesn’t tell you the whole story. If you want to uncover the wild secret of the snow peaks and uncover the Suma Sahma shrine, prepare a warm meal and follow our guide.

Breath Of The Wild Suma Sahma Shrine Location

The Suma Sahma shrine is hidden down in the South of Hyrule in the Wasteland Tower region. Head to Mount Granajh and look for the cabin near the small pond nestled to the North of Deval Peak. Once you reach this cabin, fight off all the Ice Lizalfos and any other enemies about. Go to the Southern cliff from the cabin and you should see the altar or pedestal sticking out from the side of the mountain. This is the shrine, but finding it was the easy part.

How To Reveal Suma Sahma Shrine Entrance

Like plenty of other shrines in Breath of the Wild, revealing the entrance to the Suma Sahma shrine is a puzzle unto itself. All you have to go on is the shrine pedestal sticking out from the side of the mountain.

The solution is rather simple, but timing will be everything. Head back to the cabin and find one of the large snowballs and carry it over to the cliff overlooking the shrine. If the sun is in the right spot, which would be between the hours of roughly 4 and 6 p.m., you will be able to line up the shadow of the snowball with the center circle on the pedestal.

If the timing isn’t right, you can build a fire to speed up time until noon to shorten your wait.

Once the shadow lines up, the shrine will fully reveal itself and you can venture inside to collect your rewards. This shrine holds a treasure chest with a Moonlight Scimitar, plus a spirit orb from Suma Shama.

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