Zelda Breath of the Wild PS4 clone, Genshin Impact, actually looks pretty decent

Legend of Zelda fans are hungry for anything Zelda-like they can get their hands on as the release date for Nintendo's sequel remains a mystery.

So if you're one of the myriad fans that seems to have an open world RPG itch that just can't be scratched, you may have already heard of Genshin Impact.

The Chinese game, which is due for release on PS4, PC and mobile, was revealed August 2019 and was within moments attracting comparisons to Nintendo's Switch hit.

Now, in a new gameplay trailer, we can see more details about this curious RPG, and how it may set itself apart from Breath of the Wild after all.

Check out 12 minutes of the PC version – captured by IGN – below. The most notable features include multiple playable characters – that you seem able to swap between on a whim – and the action-based combat that certainly looks involving.

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