YouTuber Gets Power Glove To Work With The Xbox Series S

You all remember the Power Glove, the 1989 NES accessory designed by Mattel? The Power Glove was a short-lived foray into alternative input methods for the Nintendo Entertainment System that used a combination of ultrasound speakers and microphones attached to a glove to provide input commands to a video game. There weren't many games that made use of the innovative design, and Nintendo wouldn't return to motion controls until the Wii over two decades later.

Despite its utter failure, the Power Glove has become a sort of mythical artifact to video game enthusiasts. One such enthusiast, Niles Mitchell of the "Will It Work?" YouTube Channel, has decided to make it his mission to get the Power Glove to work on every modern console. He's already managed to get the Power Glove working on the Nintendo Switch where he actually controlled a kart in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, and now he's brought the Power Glove to Microsoft's Xbox Series S.

Perhaps thanks to the experience gained in his previous endeavor, getting the Power Glove to work on the Xbox Series S seemed remarkably simple. "The process was mostly the same," Niles tells me via email. "The exception was needing to first plug in an Xbox controller into the Titan One to authenticate before removing it and plugging in your alternative controller. While it’s a small inconvenience compared to the Switch, I understand the PS5 is much worse. I’ll probably look into that console soon."

The first game Niles chose to test on the Xbox was of course Halo Infinite, but the Power Glove proved to be woefully inadequate for a modern shooter. The biggest problem is that the Power Glove’s motion controls only account for one multi-directional input. To play Halo Infinite, you need at least two sticks–one to control Master Chief legs, the other to point his gun–and without them, you’re sort of stuck facing a single direction.

Shredders, a simple snowboarding game where you really only need to offer left or right inputs, was much more successful. Just as Niles noted in the previous video, however, the Power Glove’s controls are anything but precise.

That’s two consoles down, just one more to go. Good luck on the PS5, Niles!

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