You Can Create Fireworks Out Of Dragon Scales In Breath Of The Wild

Someone has discovered that you can create fireworks out of dragon scales in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Almost 4 years since the release of Nintendo’s open world Zelda game, avid players are still finding new and exciting things about the game with the most recent discovery being so obsure you wouldn’t believe it until you saw it.

The new finding was recorded for in a short clip which was then posted to a Breath of the Wild subredit by the user hiopklin. The video, showcasing just how exactly the trick is done, starts out in Zora’s Domain where the player can be seen standing inside the city walls near the edge of a balcony. In front of the player is a pile of resources, including multiple scales of the three dragon’s of Hyrule, Naydra, Dinraal, and Farosh.

Next comes the trick. As the player crouches on top of the pile of scales to perform Revali’s Gale, one of four obtainable powers in the game, the wind propels the items up and as Link is boosted into the air, the scales fall back down slightly and then are cast into a shower of shooting stars, the explosion seeming like a firework display as they are sent soaring through the sky.

The trick is quite beautiful and almost seems like an intentional addition to the game that went undiscovered until now, although we have no way to confirm that. It looks as though the trick was prepared beforehand, because of the way the player is able to perfectly execute it. It’s unclear whether or not you have to be in this particular location for the firework display to work, or whether you need a particular amount of dragon scales.

What we do know is that obtaining scales can be a bit difficult to obtain if you’re new and are used for a bunch of other reasons besides putting on pretty displays. They’re used for upgrading armour, opening specific shrines, using them as cooking ingredients, as well as just selling them for a whole lot of rupees.

If you want to try out the trick, redditors in the comments have suggested manually saving the game just beforehand so you don’t waste those precious dragon scales and you can repeat the trick at any given time.

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