You Can Buy Every Game On Steam For Just Over Half A Million Dollars

Yes, that seems like an incredibly cheap number considering the vast quantity of games found on Steam, but we’re pretty sure it’s accurate. So if you’re a millionaire and just want to get everything you can on Steam, then all you need to do is click through the thousands upon thousands of listings to purchase each one and then you’ll have a fully complete Steam library.

We have Chenggang Wang for creating the website Buy All Steam Games, which provides an updating price for every single game on Steam. Actually, it’s not just games–it’s everything. Any Steam listing with a price, whether it be DLC, soundtracks, expansions, or anything at all, will get calculated into this aggregate value.

And that value is $521,909.63 with discounts or $537,192.37 at full price. The site also keeps track of both regular and sale prices for when Steam holds one of its many, many sales. You can see the massive dip in July as almost half of everything in the store went on sale thanks to the Steam Summer Sale. There’s also another dip in January for the Chinese New Year sale, and smaller dips as publishers and games go on sale periodically.

Like a stock ticker, the number is constantly changing, but it’s been trending steadily upwards since 2017 as more games are added to Steam.

Now the real question becomes just how much memory you’d need in order to not just purchase, but also actually install each and every one of those games. Probably somewhere close to 500,000 MB if we had to guess.

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