You Can Basically Play As The Painted Lady From Avatar In Skyrim

Skyrim is almost ten years old, but the mods keep coming. While there is no new game content coming out, the game is still incredibly popular. Now, one Redditor is basically playing as The Painted Lady from Avatar, and she’s quite elegant.

In case you aren’t familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Painted Lady is a spirit in the Jang Hui River. Over time, the Jang Hui river became polluted, driving the Painted Lady away. This left the citizens of Jang Hui by themselves, with a polluted water source. Eventually, Aang and his friends arrive and attempt to clean the river for the citizens of Jang Hui, with the help of Katara dressed up as the Painted Lady. The real Painted Lady soon appears, looking like an otherworldly spirit.

Redditor W01fKing impressed the Skyrim community with a clip of his character floating above the water, which reminded many of the Painted Lady. The clip is gorgeous; the pink dress, water walking, and petals make for an ethereal experience. W01fKing floats around Lake Ilinalta, and many Reddit users in the comments express their amazement about how it doesn’t even feel like Skyrim anymore. Some even pointed out how the clip could be an ad for a mobile game. It definitely gives off some Black Desert vibes.

Fortunately, you can also be a Painted Lady in Skyrim! To download the outfit mod, just visit lilyrim on Patreon. The outfit comes in two different colors and feels like a breath of fresh air from the usual Skyrim clothes. W01fKing used quite a few mods together, including a hovering mod that you can find on Nexus Mods.

The clip involves a hefty amount of mods for PC, so if you are playing Skyrim on another console, it may not be able to recreate this. If you don’t use mods, you can still use a few potions and spells to achieve the hovering, though. You may not look like the Painted Lady, but you will definitely be able to move like her.

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