Xenoblade Chronicles' Definitive Works Set Back In Stock Ahead Of Release Day

Nintendo is finally giving its heralded Wii RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles, another go on the Switch, and it’s out this Friday, May 29. The Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is joined by a new 250-page art book dubbed Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Works that will be bundled with the US-exclusive $80 Definitive Works Set, which is currently back in stock at GameStop one day before release. Meanwhile, fans in the UK can grab the Collector’s Set, which comes with a few more goodies.

The biggest addition to the Definitive Edition is the brand-new epilogue, Future Connected, which provides some incentive for those who have already played Monolith Soft’s grand adventure to grab it again on Switch. The Switch version also includes some quality-of-life improvements, including remixed music, updated controls, and enhanced visuals. Menu screens will be more user-friendly and feature easier-to-read text, too.

Our Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition review is live now, and the game earned a 9/10 for its rewarding combat, fantastic soundtrack, and diverse, gorgeous world. “Although not every aspect of Xenoblade Chronicles has aged as well as others, Definitive Edition proves that Xenoblade Chronicles is still a fantastic JRPG with an immense amount of strategic depth that’s still impressive in 2020. Its bevy of improvements and additions, as well as its fantastic epilogue, make this an adventure worth embarking on a decade later,” wrote GameSpot’s Jake Dekker.

Every version of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is available to pre-order now. You can check out what comes with each edition below and where to buy the game.

Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

The base game on its own will cost $60. No pre-order bonuses are available, but you can currently order it from Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon.

Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Works Set

The Definitive Works Set comes with the game and a premium hardcover art book in a slipcase. It’s available to pre-order for $80, though as of this writing it’s only available at GameStop.

Pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Collector’s Set (UK only)

The UK-exclusive Collector’s Set includes several more goodies, and it’s selling for £90. In addition to the art book, you’ll get a poster and official soundtrack on vinyl and digital.

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