Xbox Series X has 12 teraflops GPU – Smart Delivery means no double-dipping

Microsoft has shared a hefty blog post about the Xbox Series X and has confirmed some brand new details for the console.

Whilst the PlayStation 5 continues to be shrouded in secrecy, with mostof the information only from small hints and rumours, Microsoft has shared quite a bit about its next gen console, the Xbox Series X.

Earlier today, Xbox head Phil Spencer himself wrote up a very detailed blog post that explains what we can expect from the upcoming console.

A lot of it is info we already knew, such as how backwards compatibility will work (with games benefitting from steadier frame rates and improved loading times), but there are some interesting new things too.

Firstly, the post boasts how powerful the new console will be, with a 12 teraflops GPU (graphics processing unit). This is twice as much as the Xbox One X and over eight times the original Xbox One.

Spencer writes that the console will deliver ‘a true generational leap in processing and graphics power with cutting edge techniques resulting in higher frame rates, larger, more sophisticated game worlds, and an immersive experience unlike anything seen in console gaming.’

After that, there is a lot of technical jargon regarding things like ray-tracing and 120 frames per second support, but possibly the most exciting detail is the new Smart Delivery service.

‘This technology empowers you to buy a game once and know that – whether you are playing it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X – you are getting the right version of that game on whatever Xbox you’re playing on,’ the post reads.

‘We’re making the commitment to use Smart Delivery on all our exclusive Xbox Game Studios titles, including Halo Infinite, ensuring you only have to purchase a title once in order to play the best available version for whichever Xbox console they choose to play on.’

What this means is that if you buy, say, Halo Infinite for the Xbox Series X, you’ll also get access to the Xbox One version for the game and vice-versa.

This will be perfect for those who may not be able to upgrade to the new console straight away. This means you’ll be able to purchase any first party Xbox Series X games that are also available on the Xbox One and know that you won’t need to buy it again once you are able to move to the Xbox Series X.

The post mentions that this feature will be available for all developers and publishers and, though it is ultimately optional, it is highly recommended that it be used.

Between stuff like this and the promise to include first party titles like Halo Infinite as part of the Game Pass at launch, Microsoft seem to  be doing a good job at advertising the upcoming console. Although, like Sony, it’s unclear when they will reveal more about its games and if there will be a major preview event before E3 in June.

The Xbox Series X is currently scheduled to release before Christmas this year.

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