Xbox Series X External SSD Price Potentially Leaked Online

We finally have a price on the Xbox Series X: $499. That’s your all-in price for the most powerful console ever produced. It’ll come with 12 teraflops of raw computational power capable of outputting beautiful 4K graphics at a smooth 60 frames-per-second, at least according to the official specs. And it will have a 1 terabyte solid-state hard drive for instant load times.

But, uh, 1 TB doesn’t really get you much in terms of games these days. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare alone is over 200 GB, while games like Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption Online are both pushing 100 GB. A few more games like that and your 1 TB drive will be so full you won’t even be able to install an indie game.

One solution is to buy a memory expansion. The Xbox Series X is said to have an internal expansion slot where you can just slot in some additional memory, but we don’t have any details on how that will work or how much it’ll cost.

A simpler and more traditional solution is to purchase an external hard drive that connects via USB. And we might have just found out how much such an expansion might cost.

Twitter user @IdleSloth84 just posted an image that seems to show an Xbox Series X 1TB expansion drive from Seagate. The image appears to be a photo for GameStop showing that there are 0 currently in stock, but that’s likely because the item is a placeholder for when the actual drives come in.

And then there’s the sticker price: $219.99. That’s almost half again the price of the actual Xbox Series X, which is quite a lot.

Several replies note that this price might also be a placeholder as similarly-sized hard drives from Seagate are typically around $150. However, the Xbox Series X is said to have a much faster throughput than a standard PC SSD, so this price might reflect the specialized Xbox hardware.

Guess we’ll find out for sure come November.

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