Xbox Doesn’t Have Anything "Substantial" Launching In 2022, Says Insider

Xbox fans shouldn't expect any huge releases for the rest of the year, according to insider Tom Henderson. Speaking on his YouTube stream about Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase rumours, Henderson claims that Xbox doesn't have anything "substantial" planned for the rest of 2022, but is set to have a good stream of releases next year.

This comes as two of the studio's most anticipated games, Starfield and Redfall, get pushed into 2023, missing their late 2022 launch window. It suggests that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are still being felt across the industry, and it has not yet recovered from the disruption of worldwide lockdowns.

"It seems like the vast majority of the announcements are going to be 2023 releases", Henderson reveals on stream, speaking just before the showcase premieres later today. "From everything that I've heard, it seems like Xbox doesn't actually have anything substantial this year coming out."

He continues on a more positive note for Xbox fans: "It seems like Xbox are going to have a really good 2023 year. Unless, of course, there's something to do with Covid, or something like that. But yeah, it seems like there's going to be a lot of announcements, but they're going to be 2023 releases."

To listen to Henderson's comments yourself, skip to the 11-minute mark of the stream above.

Despite this potentially disappointing news, we shouldn't have to wait too long into the new year for the first big release. An Xbox Game Pass page states that Starfield is coming "early 2023", rather than the more vague launch window of the first half of 2023. Fingers crossed, this means we'll get a good look at the game tonight at the showcase.

The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase is set to kick off today. It will start at 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm BST, and run for 90 minutes. You can watch it on both YouTube and Twitch.

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