WWE’s The Undertaker Gives Dr Disrespect A Warning On Stream

Dr Disrespect has been challenged by WWE’s “The Undertaker,” receiving a call from the intimidating wrestler while livestreaming on Twitch. Strange events have been occurring on Dr Disrespect’s stream throughout the past week, and with a few tweets, the meeting of the two is confirmed.

The latest teaser features the two extremely tall characters face-to-face, ending with simultaneous throat-grabs as the screen quickly fades to black. Amusingly, Dr Disrespect’s “Give ‘Em The Love” is used in the video, ending with what appears to be his broken gaming sunglasses.

The lead up to the confrontation has been phenomenal; Dr. Disrespect dealing with a series of mysterious technical difficulties, arena vandalization, and worst of all —  Lamborghini sabotage. Everything was staged, of course, but that didn’t fans from getting excited over the chain of strange events.

The Doc messed with his audience for some while, many speculating over whether or not The Undertaker was behind the attacks. The Twitch streamer was quick to laugh at the “rumors,” supposedly dismissing any worriers and feigning bravery. The identity of his challenger was finally revealed when The Undertaker’s logo was shown on Doc’s “arena” as he received the call.

Even the official WWE Twitter account created a post about the collaboration, sealing the deal.

The “phone call” happened during one of Dr Disrespect’s Twitch streams and featured an ominous recording from The Undertaker himself, threatening The Doc and confirming the rumors once and for all. For the first time ever, the self-obsessed streamer seemed to show visible fear, temporarily dropping the alpha-male act.

Although Tfue challenged Ninja to a fight earlier this month, the blue-haired streamer swatted down the notion. On the other hand, it looks like we’ll actually get some arena action between Dr Disrespect and The Undertaker.

The details have yet to be announced, but one thing is for sure — there will be a confrontation between the two. Dr Disrespect has long been compared to the wrestlers of the WWE, bringing the same style of macho energy through his fictional character. Finally, the two worlds are colliding and fans of each are hyped for the upcoming event.

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