WWE Star Randy Orton Has Reached Level 527 On Elden Ring

It has been almost two months since the arrival of Elden Ring. Odds are quite a few of you reading this will have crammed a fair amount of hours into the game during that time. WWE Superstar Randy Orton certainly has. The 14-time World Champion took to Twitter this week to share his love of the Souls game with his fans, also responding to a fan who asked what level he is, to which no one can quite believe his answer.

In response to Orton's initial tweet about Elden Ring, The Viper replied to a fan asking him his rank by revealing it to be 527, adding a “lol” for good measure. Now, the lol could mean one of two things. Either Orton thinks it's rather amusing that he has managed to invest so much time in Elden Ring, or he has exaggerated his level for a joke.

527 is an outrageously high number, but as Orton revealed in his first tweet about Elden Ring, the WWE Superstar spends most of his time in The Lands Between while on his tour bus. Orton still works in WWE full time and will have spent an enormous amount of time on that bus since Elden Ring's launch. The trip he made from Knoxville to his home in St. Louis alone after Raw on Monday night was eight hours. Plenty of time to get a lot of stuff done if he was playing that entire time.

Monday night was actually a pretty big one for Orton. A large chunk of Raw was spent celebrating him as it was 20 years since his first match in WWE. As for his choice of game, while he's likely not the only one backstage who has been obsessed with Elden Ring these last two months, Vince McMahon would probably prefer he brag about how much he plays WWE 2K22. Or better yet, lie about how much he plays it.

If Orton really is level 527 in Elden Ring, then the man certainly isn't doing much speedrunning. Speedrunners got to work on finishing the game as quickly as possible as soon as it launched, and there was a short period where the world record was getting beaten almost as quickly as news outlets could cover it. The current record is now less than six minutes, which might be even more impressive than beating the game's first boss with a controller made of bananas.

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