World Of Warcraft Shadowlands May Let You Change Covenants After All

Blizzard could make a big change to one of the key features in the upcoming World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion. One of the key mechanics revolves around four Covenants, each with their own bonuses and gear, and Blizzard has always posed your alignment with one as a permanent choice. But the studio may be reconsidering.

Covenants are the end-game content for Shadowlands. After sampling the four factions and completing the campaign, you can align yourself with one. That opens up exclusive abilities, an upgradable base, and a faction-specific narrative campaign. For that reason, your alignment was meant to last.

But now Wowhead has detailed how a player can swap Covenants in the current beta test for Shadowlands. It requires you to cycle through multiple confirmation messages just to make sure you’re absolutely, positively, 100% sure you want to defect. And if you go off to a different faction and then come back to rejoin your previous one, you’ll need to complete a longer test chain to regain their trust.

Blizzard recently outlined the four Covenants in advance of the beta launch. Those include the aristocratic Venthyr, the gladiatorial Kyrian, the abomination-making Necrolords, and the gardening-focused Night Fae. Each faction is going to be vying for Anima, which is used to gain renown. Players have expressed concern, though, that Covenant choices could go wrong if a player’s chosen class build wasn’t a good match for the faction bonuses.

Shadowlands will release this year, though Blizzard hasn’t given a release date yet. Among other changes it will also lower the level cap to 60 and introduce new dungeons and raids.

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