Where To Find Sweet Flowers In Genshin Impact

Sweet Flowers are, quite frankly, a very standard item that is used in a variety of crafting recipes and material combinations, and you will likely have a bunch of them – up until you need some for a specific quest, and it’s the last item you need. Believe me, I’ve been there. Which is exactly why we’re making this guide: plus you’ll probably need to give a bouquet of these to Liben during the Marvelous Merchandise event.

Sweet Flowers are exactly what they sound like, sickly-sweet flowers which smell beautiful but also might kill you, thanks to the Whopperflowers which like to use Sweet Flowers as cover to hide and lay in wait. If you want to get a bunch of Sweet Flowers quickly for yourself in Genshin Impact, then you’ve come to the right place, and we’re going to break down where you can find them right here.

Where To Buy Sweet Flowers In Genshin Impact

Buying Sweet Flowers is by far the easiest way to get them, the only problem is that paying for them comes with a caveat. No, the caveat isn’t that you have to spend money, I’ve got more than enough money. The problem is that vendors will only ever have a limited supply of any item to sell you, so if you’re looking for a lot of Sweet Flowers for a special crafting recipe, then you will inevitably run out if you use this method.

If you’re not crafting and just need a handful for the next step of your quest, whatever that may be, then buying up a vendor’s stock is actually a pretty good idea. As such, you should visit Flora the Florist that lives in Mondstadt. As you enter Mondstadt you will see a staircase leading down into the heart of the town – before you even climb those stairs, you will see Flora selling flowers just to the right, behind a desk and between two barrels. Flora is easy to miss, but she’ll provide exactly what you need.

Where To Pick Sweet Flowers In Genshin Impact

You may think that you can’t remember seeing Sweet Flowers in the wild around the land of Teyvat, but you are almost certainly mistaken. Remember we mentioned the Whopperflower – the Zelda-like enemy that pops out of the ground and spits projectiles at you? Well, the Whopperflower always hides among patches of grass and flowers, especially Sweet Flowers. If you’ve come across that enemy, you’ve definitely come across this flower.

From the centre of Mondstadt go directly South on your map, to where the path splits. This area is covered in Sweet Flowers, and searching here will quickly get you the materials you need to complete whatever you’re trying to do in Genshin Impact. This is not the only place to find free, wild Sweet Flowers, but it is the easiest to reach from Mondstadt. In general, you should ensure you search the surrounding area for materials whenever you come across a Whopperflower to get as many Sweet Flowers as possible for eventualities just like this one.

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