Where To Find All The Lucky Dice In The Fearamid In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands culminates in a trek through the Fearamid: a giant pyramid made of futuristic, sci-fi technology that's totally foreign in a fantasy setting. Nobody cares, though, 'cause it's wicked.

Plus, as you go through this wicked fortress, you'll also still be on the lookout for those collectibles you've been gathering for the entire game. One type is the Lucky Dice, which each give a boost to your 'Loot Luck' stat. Let us show you where to find them!

1 – Under The Ominous Crystal

This Lucky Die is found just under the first purple crystal that you're directed to smash.

2 – Precarious Placement

The next Lucky Die is found in a precarious spot on a ledge under a bridge. It's easy to miss – we only found it after almost falling off the map. There's a Poetry Page nearby, too.

3 – Shy Die

This Lucky Die is under a wooden platform near where there's a second crystal to destroy for the main quest.

4 – Optional Bonus

There's a Lucky Die on a platform you don't have to visit in the chamber where you shoot that first very ominous crystal. It's on top of the large wooden platform; jump on the concrete block to get up to it.

5 – The Ancient Obelisk

After destroying the second crystal for the main quest, don't go down the long bridge that opens up. Instead, trek down the side room you haven't uncovered yet. The Ancient Obelisk, Lore Scroll #2, and this Lucky Die are found there.

6 – Take A Risk

When you exit that circular path into the open air, stick to the left-hand side of the path. There's a Lucky Die along there, which you'll need to get to by crossing an electric cord.

7 – Laughably Close

The next Lucky Die is steps away from the last one. As you head back along the electrical cord, look above you for a couple wooden platforms, and jump up there. You can literally see where the previous Die was from the location of this one.

8 – The Third Crystal

Upon approaching the third crystal after being on the outside of the Fearamid, don't rush to it. Instead, check the left-hand wall for wooden platforms where you'll find this Lucky Die.

9 – Catapulted

You'll find the last Lucky Die just before the boss arena. You'll probably spy it, right under the platform you arrive on, as you're catapulted up there.

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