When Does Our Half-Life: Alyx Review Embargo Lift?

Half-Life: Alyx, arguably the biggest VR game yet to release, is just days away from launch. But when does the Half-Life: Alyx review embargo lift?

Fear not; we’ll have our impressions at launch.

When Does The Half-Life: Alyx Review Embargo Lift?

The embargo for Half-Life: Alyx reviews lifts as the game arrives at 10am PT on March 23. We’re playing through the game at the moment and will be bringing you our full, in-depth review, covering the game from head to toe. Make sure to head to our homepage to find out if you should be picking up Valve’s big return.

Half-Life: Alyx is the first new game in the series since 2007’s Half-Life 2: Episode 2. The game serves as a prequel to Half-Life 2, switching out series protagonist Gordon Freeman for Alyx Vance. Set before Gordon’s arrival in the dystopian City 17, Alyx and her father, Eli, fight back against the rule of alien Combine forces. Valve is promising a full-length Half-Life game with big production values. That’s not something VR fans get to see every day.

The game is coming to SteamVR with support for just about every PC VR headset, though there will be exclusive features for Valve Index users thanks to the Index Controller finger tracking. It can be played either with a room-scale or smaller setup, utilizing either teleport or continuous movement modes. Valve has designed the game to be as accessible for as many people as possible. There’s even a one-handed mode.

So be back on our homepage at 10am PT March 23 for the lift of the Half-Life: Alyx review embargo. That is, y’know, if you’re not just playing it by then. Pre-loading for the game goes live on Friday and, if you own an Index, you’ll be getting a free copy.

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