What You Need To Know About Anvil Receiver, 30-30 Repeater, Gold Mags, And More In Apex Legends Season 8

Apex Legends Season 8 is so close I can almost taste it. I’m already gearing up to get back into the experience, and we’ve now got some footage and information courtesy of the EA Game Changers that have been given early access to the latest season – I did ask to get access myself, but they had no room for me. C’est la vie, I’m happy to wait for the official launch of the new season to get to grips with things myself. That’s a lie, I’m very impatient.

If you, like me, just can’t get enough and need more information about Apex Legends Season 8, then you can read through our guide below because we’ve got fresh information for you on the upcoming weapon, the 30-30 Repeater and how it works, we know that the Anvil Receiver is now definitely making a return for the new season, and we also have precise details on what we can expect to see from the Gold Extended Magazines, following our theories earlier on in the week. For all of that and more, just read on below.

Oh, and make sure to watch this video from YouTuber Dazs, who provides much of the information you’ll see in this guide.

30-30 Repeater Details

Finally, we can see more of the 30-30 Repeater, and yes, it’s a Heavy weapon, making it the single-shot equivalent of the G7-Scout, just with a slightly slower rate of fire. My predictions are all coming true.

The 30-30 Repeater does more damage per shot than the G7-Scout, and you can also charge up shots while hip firing, meaning you can prepare a charged shot while in cover, and then pop out and immediately release it. Yes, the truly talented Apex players are going to grief us with this one. It seems to be a very powerful and capable alternative to the G7-Scout, my favourite weapon in the game, so I’m excited to get my hands on it finally.

Anvil Receiver Is Back

The Anvil Receiver is back my friends! This is not actually covered in Dazs’ video, but you see him holding the Flatline at one point, and then the Anvil Receiver is visible as looks at the attachments in the training area. The Anvil Receiver is an attachment for the Flatline and R-301, which massively buffs the damage of the single-fire modes of these weapons while taking the fire rate down slightly.

It’s a decent trade-off, one that actually saw me moving away from having a dedicated single-fire weapon like my prized G7-Scout in my loadout while it was available, instead opting for the Flatline, and sometimes the R-301. How this will change the meta in season 8 is anyone’s guess, but with the 30-30 Repeater also in the mix, I get the feeling the Apex Games will be filled with the sounds of single-shot firing.

How Gold Extended Magazines Work

And finally, we have confirmations on Gold Extended Magazines. Yes, once again, my predictions were correct, but now we actually have details. Once you holster a weapon with a gold mag attached it will take 5.5 seconds to reload, and you will receive a tiny notification on screen saying that it is done, which makes for a nice prompt to pull your gun out and start shooting. The Gold Extended Magazines are definitely going to change the meta of Apex Legends, and give me another item to chase after.

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