Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Classic video games you’ve never played

GameCentral readers name the most famous games they’ve never played, from Skyrim to Resident Evil.

The question for this week’s Hot Topic was suggested by reader Podge, who asked what’s the most famous video game that you’ve somehow avoided? Was it because you didn’t have the right console or PC, because it didn’t appeal at the time, or simply because you didn’t have the money?

Almost every famous franchise of recent times got a mention, but as you’d expect it was format exclusives such as Mario, Halo, and Uncharted that were the most common.

The grind
The series that I’ve never played is Final Fantasy. When I was growing up with my PlayStation 1 and 2 I used to buy lots of magazines and I just didn’t get the whole anime styling and the stories seemed a bit to wacky from what I was reading. I regret thinking that, but I was in that stage of life where I was quite close minded and just wanted to stick to what I liked. It wasn’t just Final Fantasy, it was basically any Japanese role-player.

Even though now I’m a lot more open minded. having played lots of genres, including games from Japanese developers like Yakuza and Catherine, I’m still yet to play a Final Fantasy or Japanese role-playing game. What puts me off them now is the huge time investment most of them seem to require and the dreaded word, grinding. I was looking to see if there were any less lengthy Japanese role-playing games and I understand that Chrono Trigger is one, so that might be my first foray into the genre.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
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GC: Chrono Trigger is a perfect starting place, assuming you accept how old it is now. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not overly long and doesn’t really require grinding.

Final chance
Despite owning or having access to all Nintendo consoles since the NES I’ve never played a Metroid game. During the NES and SNES days I was only ever able to afford a couple of games a year thanks to birthdays, Christmas, and paper round money so I had to choose carefully and they seemed to pass me by. I don’t remember there being one on the N64 and it was my younger sister, as opposed to myself, that owned a GameCube and Wii.

I do have a Switch and the rumours of a Metroid Trilogy remake coming out next month means I may finally get round to start playing what people consider a must play series.

GC: You’re right, there wasn’t one on N64.

Easy fears
I am not into horror games so I have never played Resident Evil or Silent Hill. I did think about trying Resident Evil 4 because it was the inspiration for Gears Of War style of action but I thought I would
find Resident Evil 4 too scary, and I don’t enjoy being scared.

I got PlayStation VR two years ago in a bargain bundle from GAME and it included Resident Evil 7 but I ended up selling the game on eBay because I thought it would be too scary for me!

I also haven’t played any of the FromSoftware SoulsBorne games, as for me I don’t want to get frustrated with a game and just enjoy the game. I normally play on normal for games, but for Catherine I played it on easy because it was quite hard. I plan to play on easy for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as it is supposed to be difficult or challenging like a FromSoftware game.
Andrew J.

GC: Resident Evil 4 isn’t really scary but 7 is, especially in VR. Fallen Order is nowhere near as hard as a true SoulsBorne game, although it’s not easy either.

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I don’t choose you!
You know, I still have yet to play a Pokémon game! Though, now I own a Switch so I finally have a console that Pokémon has appeared on. I think though, that the Let’s Go, Evee/Pikachu game is the best one at the moment? Is that right?

There are some things I am very sniffy about. But mainly down to my own personal beliefs or tastes. I tried Call Of Duty once. I loathed it. I will not so much as touch a military-themed shooter. I find them to be conceptually boring and a repulsive recruitment advertisement for the armed forces. No thanks.

Gears Of Bore is another. It just looks so… brown and dreary. I tend to favour the more fantastical and imaginative and Gears does not really fit the bill. Destiny, by the same token, looks as generic as a bread sandwich – and if this was Bungie showing off their full creative juices, then I don’t see much of an imagination on display. Gosh, I do sound rather salty, don’t I? Someone pass me the chips…

GC: We’d just skip straight to Pokémon Sword/Shield, it has its issues but so does Let’s Go and the nostalgia would mean nothing to you.

First bite
I was going to say Assassin’s Creed, but then I did play a few hours of Black Flag and was so thoroughly unimpressed I went back to my previous position of not bothering with the series (or most Ubisoft games, to be honest).

One I’ve definitely not played is Mass Effect. I kept meaning to but I wanted to start with the first one and when you’ve got three games that have to be played in sequence like that it’s quite the time commitment. So I did the obvious and… kept putting it off.

When Mass Effect: Andromeda came around I thought this was my big chance so I started to get pretty hyped about and then, well, you know how those reviews went. I never got it in the end but was very interested to hear about the rumours of the remasters/remakes for next gen. If they do that then I will make a real effort to play them.

A sci-fi role-player that’s a bit Star Wars but not sounds right up my alley but for such a big series there hasn’t been anything good come out of it for eight years now. I’m hungry for more. By which I mean my first bite.

Not bothered
Despite being a fairly major Nintendo fan, with a Switch, I have never played a Super Smash Bros. game. Just watching the footage gives me a headache so the thought of playing it does not appeal in the least. I also don’t like the idea that there’s no real story and the whole thing makes no sense, like Kingdom Hearts but even dummer.

I’m sure I would’ve given it a go if I knew any friends that were into it but I don’t, so I’d be stuck playing the single-player and apparently bad online mode anyway. I’m really not bothered.

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Warning list
Believe it or not but I have never played Skyrim. I know it’s available on just about every format ever made but I’ve never played it or any other Elder Scrolls games. There are two main reasons for this, the first being that I don’t really like fantasy in general and much prefer sci-fi or a modern day setting. The second is that I tried Fallout and, despite that being much more up my alley, I didn’t like that at all so I figured there’d be no chance I’d enjoy Skyrim.

I wasn’t impressed with the graphics in Fallout and found it very glitchy and the combat very poor, which I’ve since learned are hallmarks of developer Bethesda. Apparently their earlier Elder Scrolls games were better in this regard (but not the bugs?) but that was a long time ago now.

Knowing this about them I’m already dubious about Starfield as well, despite the fact that we don’t know anything about it yet. A sci-fi role-player that has a bit of Elite about it would be right up my street, so I will be looking out for it, but I always like to research a developer before making a full-price purchase and Bethesda are definitely on my warning list.

So not only have I not bought Skyrim but the very thought of it has put me off their other games!

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