Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Are you buying a PS5 console?

GameCentral readers discuss what they thought of the PlayStation 5 reveal event and if it’s changed their mind about getting the console.

The question for this week’s Hot Topic was obvious given Sony’s long-awaited reveal event but we wanted to know not just what you thought of it but whether it had changed your mind, one way or the other, about the PlayStation 5?

The opinions were very mixed, with some being pleased by what they saw but many disappointed or worried that subsequent revelations have made what seemed to be a positive showcase less impressive in hindsight.

Year Two
I really enjoyed the PlayStation 5 reveal. One criticism I do have, and judging by the recent Reader’s Features and comments I’m not the only one, is that although the games revealed look really good both Sony and Microsoft are doing a pretty poor job of selling the benefits of next gen.

Nothing I’ve seen yet would temp me into purchasing day one. The launch line-up is looking sparse, with only half a Spider-Man game and Godfall confirmed so far. And looking at Godfall I’m expecting this to be delayed as it looks like it still needs a lot of work. Sony still haven’t shown any other benefits of the system, and it shouldn’t be up to the audience to imagine what can be achieved, Sony should be showing us.

The main reason I wouldn’t purchase day one though is that I just don’t trust Sony to get the build right first time. I bought a PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro day one and both have major build quality issues. My Pro sounds like a jet engine and PSVR doesn’t have HDR pass-through, meaning a really awkward swapping of cables each time I use it as my TV is wall mounted. Both of these issues were fixed in later hardware revisions. I know there are always risks with early adoption but having been stung twice in a row I’m not looking for a hat trick!

Skipping a number
Watched the big reveal and as nice as the console looks, I think I will be getting a new graphics card when the 3000 series come out and perhaps a new CPU. They will probably cost me as much as the PlayStation 5. Up to now I’ve had every PlayStation console from 1 to 4 but I think I’m just gonna leave it this time. I spend more time on my PC these days, or my Xbox, due to all the free games from Xbox Gold and Epic Games Store, and of course the Steam sales are usually pretty good. The games they showed didn’t wow me, but I was expecting that as it does take a long time to get to grips with a new console.

I do play the PlayStation 4 for VR but it gives me a sweaty forehead and the controls when using the motion wands can be very wonky to use. I hope the new VR experience moves the controls forward a lot.

As I always do though, I will more than likely give in when the PS5 Slim is announced, especially if it is the only way to play the newest God Of War game and the next From Souls type game, unless it’s multiplatform of course.

I hope it’s a great console and everyone that gets it early enjoys it but at this moment in time I’ll be stick to PC and the soon to be last gen consoles.

Money hats
I really enjoyed the PlayStation 5 show and was very impressed with the vast majority of what I saw, and if the new Horizon game really looks like that and lets me move the camera down to see those crabs and the frankly astonishing water effects I’m all in! (At the time of viewing I just took it all in and only with some time to reflect and reading lots of other people’s observations there is some doubt as to how much gameplay was shown).

The car destruction game looked great, as did Resident Evil and Demon’s Souls. I think the sheer density of detail shown in the footage was a clear step above what we have now, Spider-Man didn’t immediately wow but people have done a side by side with the Miles character from PlayStation 4 to 5 and the difference is notable.

I quite like the look of the machine, although am worried how sturdy it is with the pointy fins… time will tell (I’m clumsy!). Some have made the observation that its fans are pointing toward you rather than away (maybe good for winter months!) As a final note it was strange that the first game, GTA 5 had no PlayStation 5 footage. Ironic when you consider the great jump they made with this from PlayStation 3 to 4. Shame you would need to buy it again!

And as I understand, it’s not a title included with Xbox Smart Delivery. Can you imagine if Xbox owners got a free upgrade and PlayStation 5 owners had to pay. If I was in charge of Xbox I’d be sending lots of cash right now to Rockstar to make that happen!
PS: Hope it’s not £600!

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Mind made up
So I already talked somewhat about my thoughts in regards to the PS5 reveal sometime earlier in the week. Now the dust has settled I still plan to get a PlayStation 5 but am hoping we get some idea of price soon.

I am hoping it is less than £500 and all the things I have read suggest a £449 price tag, which will be doable for myself If I sell my Xbox and PlayStation 4 before launch. The one thing I didn’t think about though was the size of the memory. From my understanding it will be 825GB, which should be OK. Games can get pretty big, but as long as it will hold up to five or six that’s OK. I’ve got a decent internet connection if I need to swap out games for others. It just depends how big file sizes get, I guess.

I guess the other issue now is which PlayStation 4 and VR games are supported and which of the exclusive games are also cross-generational. I don’t think at this point Microsoft are going to persuade me to get the Xbox Series X over the PlayStation 5. This generation I have been lucky to have both platforms and on the PlayStation 4 I have enjoyed Spider-Man, God Of War, The Last Guardian, The Last Of Us (and soon Part 2), Uncharted 4, and currently Ratchet & Clank.

I also plan to play through Horizon Zero Dawn prior to the sequel and also picked up Days Gone for cheap recently. The Xbox One exclusives I’ve played are Forza Horizon and that’s it really. Gears Of War was OK and I didn’t really care for Ori And The Blind Forest. At this point I don’t see my mind changing unless Xbox announce something drastic.

No rush
Following the initial PS5 reveal, I don’t intend to buy one anytime soon. There were a few interesting games, but nothing that really jumped out at me, or made me want to get one on launch day or soon thereafter. I was actually surprised by how many indie games there were for this kind of presentation.

The majority of the games I buy are indie so I don’t mind, but I can’t help but feel the lack of blockbuster games played a part for the somewhat tepid reception it got. Unless they’re holding games back for the price announcement it’s kind of shocking how few big games reveals there were really.

I would have liked to have seen some Japanese role-playing games, but perhaps we’ll see those at New Game+ next week. The console design is hideous, but I’ve never really cared about what the box itself looked like – I bought a GameCube and Xbox 360 and those were kind of ugly too.

Nintendo’s abject failure with the Wii U has made it easier for me to give it a miss for now too, as it’s caused them to become out of sync with Sony and Microsoft – there’ll be new Switch games for at least the next couple of years, so even if PlayStation 4 games start to dry up next year I won’t be lacking new games to play.
Lord Darkstorm

Temporary partnership
I liked the PlayStation 5 reveal. I know there was some worrying small print that only became clear lately, which seemed a bit shady, but overall I was impressed by the range of games and the large number of interesting looking indie games.

Although as ever I look forward to Sony completely giving up on promoting indies once they don’t need them anymore. Happened with the PlayStation 4 and it’ll happen with this.

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Slight favouritism
I can understand why people were both pleased and critical of the PlayStation reveal, altho’ it seems mostly the former. On the balance of it, I think it was a really good watch and gave a look at some games I’ll be very keen to play. It didn’t change my mind on which console I’ll be getting at/near launch but did solidify it. Although I hope to be lucky enough to end up getting both consoles at some point during the course of the next generation, I think the fact that PlayStation 5 looks to have more exclusive games closer to launch has me committed. I would be eager to know more of what PlayStation’s backwards compatibility plans are however – I may have missed some info but at the moment I’m not entirely sure what they’re doing on that front? [You didn’t miss anything, they’re still being very vague about things at the moment – GC]

One point I will make about the event… The start with Rockstar just showing GTA 5 and then the Spider-Man ‘sequel’ that was then confused for being a sequel/DLC add-on/standalone expansion (until clarified as the latter) did leave me feeling a bit underwhelmed. I did suspect that the Miles Morales trailer wasn’t going to be a true sequel, and as much as I will probably play GTA 5 on PlayStation 5 I was a bit disappointed on opening the event with a game that’s already been around for two generations.

I also can’t help think that if Microsoft had opened an Xbox event by showing a game which had been around for two previous consoles, followed by a sequel that didn’t clarify what it was, they would have been slaughtered – or at least criticised to a much higher degree than Sony have been. You could argue that Sony has earned that allowance thru being a clear winner this generation in terms of games/exclusives, so maybe that slight favouritism is warranted.

As always, love reading your content, GC.

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