Wayward Strand: Where And When To Find Every Character On Day Two

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The second day of Casey's weekend in Wayward Strand features more interactions between the patients and staff on board the floating hospital. Not only are there new faces around, but everyone is a bit more active; many characters will spend time away from their usual location.

Day Two is busiest of the three, meaning there's a lot to see on a second or third playthrough. If you're not sure where somebody has run off to, this guide will help you track everyone's path throughout this hectic Saturday. Whose stories will you follow?

Characters' movement from place to place can be slightly delayed, usually when they stop to talk with Casey or if they're waiting for another character's conversation to finish. As a result, all times in this guide are approximate.

This guide contains minor spoilers.


Unlike the first day, you're able to freely explore from the moment you step off the elevator, at 8:30 sharp. At the start of the day:

  • Lily, Joe, Ruth, and Dr. Shen assemble at the nurses' station for a phone meeting with Mr. Pettigrew.
  • Ida, Mr. Avery, and Dr. Bouchard are all in their rooms.
  • Esther is in the cafeteria, but immediately starts walking toward the TV room.
  • Tomi is in Mr. Pruess's room unattended.
  • Mr. Pruess and Ted are in the lounge.


  • Esther arrives at the TV room and turns on the news.


  • The staff meeting ends. Ruth and Doctor Shen leave for the General Ward, and Lily goes downstairs to check on Dr. Bouchard.


  • Lily wraps up her conversation with Dr. Bouchard and returns to the nurses' station.


  • Joe goes to the lounge to bring Mr. Pruess back to his room.


  • Joe finds Tomi in Mr. Pruess's room. Mr. Pruess lets her stay, and Joe heads toward Mr. Avery's room.


  • Joe leaves Mr. Avery's room and returns to the nurses' station. He and Lily have a brief conversation, then he goes toward Mr. Falk's room.
  • Esther stops watching TV and makes her way toward Mr. Avery's room for her interview.


  • Joe arrives in Mr. Falk's room, but decides against cleaning it out and leaves the empty box for later. If you speak to him at the nurses' station or encounter him in the halls after this point, he asks Casey to empty out the room for him.


  • Lily leaves the nurses' station to speak to Devin at the cafeteria dumbwaiter, then goes to Mr. Pruess's room to give him lunch.


  • Esther leaves Mr. Avery's room and returns to her own.
  • Ted leaves the lounge and goes to the cafeteria to speak with Devin, then sips his coffee in front of the lower floor elevator. If he didn't show you his secret break room on Day One, this is your chance to learn about it.


  • Lily leaves Mr. Pruess's room and returns to the nurses' station.


  • Ted enters the abandoned crew quarters.
  • Mr Avery overhears a conversation at the nurses' station.
  • Ida leaves her room and heads toward Tomi's room.


  • Ida arrives at Tomi's room and finds she isn't there, then starts walking toward the nurses' station.
  • Mr. Avery strikes up a conversation with Devin via the cafeteria intercom and orders his lunch.
  • Esther starts walking toward the cafeteria.



  • Ida inquires about Tomi's whereabouts at the nurses' station.
  • Esther orders her lunch in the cafeteria.
  • Ted leaves his hiding place to make the afternoon shuttle run.


  • Ida picks up Tomi from Mr. Pruess's room and the two of them head toward the cafeteria.
  • Joe arrives at Mr. Pruess's room to help him into his wheelchair and bring him to the cafeteria.
  • Esther sits down with Mr. Avery and they start gossiping.


  • Lily arrives at Dr. Bouchard's room to take her to the cafeteria.


  • Dr. Bouchard and Mr. Pruess have a conversation by the cafeteria window. Mr. Avery sits at the chessboard nearby to eavesdrop.


  • Esther calls Lily over to her cafeteria table and requests a wheelchair.
  • Joe attempts to take Tomi back to her room, but Ida insists on letting her stay in the cafeteria a little longer.


  • Joe starts wheeling Mr. Pruess toward his room.
  • Lily starts wheeling Dr. Bouchard back to her room.
  • Ida, Mr. Avery, and Tomi leave the cafeteria and have a conversation in front of the elevator.


  • Mr. Avery returns to his room.
  • Ida helps Tomi back to her room.
  • Lily returns to the nurses' station.


  • Ida drops Tomi off and starts heading back to her own room.
  • Mr. Avery continues working on his new book in his room.
  • Joe returns to the cafeteria and is confronted by Esther.


  • Mr. Pettigrew, the hospital director, arrives at the nurses' station and talks to Lily. Mr. Avery eavesdrops on the conversation.
  • Joe gets a wheelchair to bring Esther back to her room.


  • Mr. Pettigrew goes to his office. This is one of the few times you can visit him there, rather than simply eavesdropping.


  • Joe heads toward the break room for his half-hour.
  • Tomi begins taking care of her plants.
  • Ruth and Dr. Shen have a conversation in their shared office.


  • Ruth calls the nurses' station to check in with Lily.
  • Joe is called away from his break early to help in the General Ward.
  • Mr. Avery visits Esther in her room, then goes to see Mr. Pruess.


  • Mr. Avery returns to Esther's room.


  • Mr. Avery returns to his room.
  • Lily fetches Mr. Pruess's dinner in the cafeteria.
  • Mr. Pettigrew spends some time in the cafeteria.


  • Ted returns to his hideout in the abandoned crew quarters, and works on his comic.
  • Mr. Pettigrew chats with Joe at the nurses' station, then returns to his office.


  • Joe arrives at Mr. Pruess's room to bring him to his meeting in Mr. Pettigrew's office. Lily calls Mr. Pettigrew to let him know they're coming.


  • Tomi goes to sit in Mr. Falk's old room. If you watch her enter, you can hear her sigh as she looks around the room – one of the few sounds she makes in the entire game.
  • Mr. Pruess and Mr. Pettigrew begin their meeting.


  • Mr. Pettigrew concludes his meeting with Mr. Pruess and pages Joe to come and fetch him.


  • Joe drops Mr. Pruess off in the lounge and returns to the nurses' station. Mr. Pruess notes that Joe put the wrong record on the music player, and if you sit with him you can change it.


  • Lily and Joe try to get last-minute prep for tomorrow done at the nurses' station. Joe offers to take over Lily's rounds so that she can stay at the desk.
  • Mr. Pettigrew berates Lily at the nurses' station, then returns to his office.


  • Joe visits Mr. Avery in his room.
  • Lily starts sweeping the hallway near the nurses' station.


  • Joe visits Ida in her room, then goes to check on Tomi.


  • Joe returns Tomi to her room.
  • Ruth calls the nurses' station, asking Lily to page Casey. If you're not at the nurses' station by around 5:50, Lily calls you on the PA system, ending the day.

During the end-of-day cutscene, Ruth will always tell you that you're doing a bad job, regardless of what you have or haven't done over the last two days. Don't let it get to you, since there's nothing you can do to change her mind.

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