Warzone Players Say The Stim Glitch Hasn’t Been Fixed

To borrow a line from another game franchise, “War. War never changes.” Apparently, neither does Warzone’s infinite stim glitch. Just a couple of days ago, Raven Software released a hotfix that was meant, in part, to get rid of the infinite stim glitch once and for all. However, there are multiple reports that the glitch still has not been vanquished—and players continue losing to people hiding in the gas.

On Wednesday, Warzone received a hotfix that nerfed the DMR and several other weapons. The nerf to the DMR was the second of its kind for the weapon, ultimately bringing its effective range to just 30% of what it launched with—though some players still feel that it hasn’t been nerfed enough. The hotfix was also meant to patch the ever-present infinite stim glitch as well.

Of course, being the cockroach of a bug that it is, nothing seems to kill the infinite stim glitch for more than a few hours, before someone finds a way to bring it back. As reported by the Call of Duty fansite “ModernWarzone,” multiple people have claimed that they lost their games to someone hiding in the gas that is supposed to kill you.

The infinite stim glitch rears its ugly head in different ways each time it is patched. The third time that it made an appearance, players needed to be downed while in water or out of bounds to use the exploit. The fourth time (this last time) players needed to cook a grenade and drop their weapons. As of this writing, it’s unknown how cheaters have resurrected the increasingly legendary glitch for the fifth time.

Players are getting fed up with the game-breaking exploit and are calling for the removal of the stim altogether. The problem appears to be rooted deep within the code of the game or is otherwise intrinsic to the way that tactical equipment works overall. If that is the case, it may be an unsolvable issue.

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