Warzone Players Are Blowing Up Choppers To Prevent New Invisibility Glitch

The integration between Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone hasn’t exactly gone without a hitch. PC players are having a hard time getting into games because of a new Swift Clover error code, and there’s also a new exploit in Warzone that is turning players into invisible, bulletproof ghosts.

Naturally, an exploit like this is pretty game-breaking. It’s easily repeatable and involves crashing in a chopper while using one of the new mounted miniguns. Do it right and the player becomes invisible and cannot be damaged by bullets. They are, however, still vulnerable to gas, explosives, and vehicles, but it’s a huge advantage that’s totally unfair for everyone else.

You can see the bug in action below, and how it might be a little frustrating for the player who’s getting shot from nowhere.

It’s not entirely impossible to play around, as this one Redditor proves, but you sort of have to get lucky to beat an invisible player.

The other option is to just get rid of the source of the exploit. Warzone players seem to have collectively decided that choppers are out-of-bounds and are deliberately destroying them at the start of each game to prevent anyone from using the invisibility glitch.

And it’s turning out to be a legitimate strategy for racking up kills.

The good news is that Raven Software has learned of the bug and is taking action. They’ve disabled the attack helicopter until it can be fixed so that players can’t glitch themselves into gun-toting spectress. No ETA on when that might be, but at least this means people don’t have to make kamikaze runs for the chopper every time they drop.

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