Warzone Keeps Crashing Call Of Duty Players’ PCs

The explosive nature of Modern Warfare’s brand new battle royale, Warzone, has literally seeped into the real world by crashing several user’s PCs. Although it has been met with mostly positive reviews, the new Call of Duty has seen its fair share of backlash, thanks in part to some extremely large and long update downloads. Warzone itself may have been a free add-on, yet it still costs a weighty chunk of players’ hard drives (up to nearly 100GB on PC), which may well account for its mayhem to the platform. Luckily, both Activision and the hard-pressed Reddit community have been quick to assist those in dire need of returning to the battlefield. Can’t let all of the glory go to those console players, after all.

Depending on the player’s setup, there is now a conglomeration of helpful tips and guides found all across the internet. If those weren’t enough, or simply didn’t help, there’s still an ongoing PC Crash investigation on Reddit as well as a mega-list compiling all of the latest guides and fixes to help those still experiencing Warzone issues on the platform. Activision, all the more keen on editing exploits and amending game crashes, has likewise lent their own support in the form of a Bug Report form featured in the Tweet above.

Some of the main points listed in most of the PC crash fixes:

• Playing Warzone on the lowest settings.

• Updating drivers (Nvidia has its own GeForce Game Ready driver for the new mode).

• Cut all background applications and projects (such as MSI Afterburner or even OBS).

Although most of the problems have been fixed, a new Warzone patch down the line could cause even more damage depending on what’s to come. Given that it’s still only in its infancy, there will come a bevy of problems not only as it leaves beta but also as more and more content gets added per season. With that being said, PC players need to not only maintain a sizable hard drive allocation for those hefty patches but will likewise want to keep an avid eye on the various community boards, Reddit posts, and Activision reports detailing news about upcoming updates.

The war should not be between players and their PCs, but with each other in the ravaged lands of Verdansk.

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