Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters: How To Harvest More Bloom Seeds

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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is all about traveling the galaxy, fighting the denizens of Nurgle, and preventing the spread of the Bloom. This is easier said than done as you lack resources, your Strike Force is diminished after a recent campaign, and when you start, you don’t know what the Bloom even is.

Fairly early on, however, you will be tasked with collecting Bloom Seeds to advance not only the main campaign (multiple times), but also to research new Passives, Abilities, and Stratagems, to name a few. Bloom Seeds are a resource that isn’t optional, and going out of your way to harvest as many as you can, will drastically increase your Strike Force’s ability to operate.

What Are Bloom Seeds

Bloom Seeds come in five flavors, and these flavors are color-coded for ease of differentiation. Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow Bloom Seeds are a sign of Corruption on a planet, and mechanically, they serve as a color-coded McGuffin for you to collect.

The existence of Bloom Seeds on a planet will change how encounters on that planet will play out, with more Corruption, and therefore Seeds, leading to more difficult missions. Different forms of Corruption also play with the mechanics somewhat, making collecting Seeds and getting rid of Corruption a must-do activity.

How To Use Bloom Seeds


Bloom Seeds are first introduced and subsequently used to show off Research in Chaos Gate. Inquisitor Vakir wants seeds to unlock the secrets of The Bloom, and she needs you to go out and get her some. Her research is a substantial boon to your campaign, giving you access to new abilities in and out of combat, as well as powerful utility unlockables that make the game easier.


As you advance through the game, you will start to unlock powerful Master Crafted Weapons and Armor. These are innately more powerful than your standard armaments, but they can also be upgraded to become even more powerful. Keeping your Grey Knights outfitted in the best kit is one of the easiest ways to gain power in Chaos Gate, so collecting and investing Bloom Seeds into your armory makes sense.

Story Progression

This is the big one. Multiple times during a playthrough of Chaos Gate, you will be required to conduct story-related Research. These will always require Bloom Seeds, often in large numbers. If you want to progress, then you will need to hunt down specific colors and then pump them into Vakir. Thankfully, extracting Bloom Seeds is incredibly easy once you get the hang of it.

How To Extract Bloom Seeds

Despite the importance of Bloom Seeds, getting your hands on them is easier said than done – at least early on. You are told that Bloom Seeds are best extracted from a live host, and the only way to do this is by landing a Critical Hit with a Melee Weapon. Of course, you can only extract Bloom Seeds from a Seed Carrier, and these can be identified by the Bloom symbol above their heads.

Unfortunately, Critical Hits are random, so you could accidentally kill the Seed Carrier, thus making your efforts futile. Thankfully, there are ways to get around this, and most of them can be accessed early in a campaign.

The quickest way to extract Bloom Seeds is to use the Hammerhand ability. This can be unlocked almost immediately by both the Interceptor and Justicar. Hammerhand is a Psychic Melee attack that costs 1AP and 2WP but guarantees a Critical Hit. Activate Hammerhand, attack a Seed Carrier, and extract the Bloom Seed. Easy. You can do this from Level 2 at the earliest.

How To Extract MORE Bloom Seeds

If you want even more Bloom Seeds, then you have more ways to extract them. Firstly, the Apothecary is the defacto Bloom Seed surgeon. In his Skill Tree is the ability to extract Bloom Seeds without having to land a Critical Hit. Just run up and perform live surgery on the hapless sods, and you get a Seed.

You can unlock Servo Skulls that can be sent out to instantly extract Bloom Seeds. This action costs 0AP, and 0WP, and has a Range of 15. Not only that, but each of these Servo Skulls, unlike your standard Servo Skull, has 5 ammo, letting you extract every Seed in a mission with only one or two Skulls equipped.

This plays right into the Apothecary’s hand, again, as the Apothecary can carry more Servo Skulls than any other class. Not only that, his Servo Skulls come with more ammo. The Apothecary is a surgical mastermind and is very good at collecting Bloom Seeds, no matter where they are.

Finally, the best way to extract more Bloom Seeds is to use Inquisitor Vakir to unlock the Advanced Seed Extraction Research. Advanced Seed Extraction increases the number of Bloom Seeds extracted on every successful extraction. This upgrade is quite literally a must-have, as the increase will have you swimming in Bloom Seeds without much effort at all.

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