Warframe: Wisp Complete Guide – Drops, Abilities, And Builds

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The ghostly Wisp is an excellent addition to any Warframe arsenal. She serves as a powerful support to any squad, capable of giving your team a massive boost to their health, fire rate, and much more. Plus, she's got an enormous death laser as an ultimate. What's not to love?

Getting Wisp is no easy task, but playing as this ethereal firecracker is immensely rewarding. This guide will go over how to obtain Wisp's components—along with a quick breakdown of the Ropalolyst fight—along with her abilities and some potent builds. If you want to become a jack of all trades or the ultimate support Warframe, Wisp is the frame for you.

Updated January 14th, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Wisp remains as one of Warframe's strongest characters. Just about all teams can appreciate a good Wisp player, especially now that the Helminth system exists. We've reworked this article to include more information on this ethereal Warframe. You can now find a breakdown of her component costs, how each Wisp ability works, what her Augment Mods do, and we've revised the builds section to account for recent additions.

Warframe Story Spoilers Ahead

Obtaining Wisp

Wisp blueprints—even her main blueprint—drop from the Ropalolyst on Jupiter, a boss that unlocks upon completing The Chimera Prologue quest. Each component has roughly a 25% drop chance. The good news is that the Ropalolyst is probably the most straightforward Sentient boss fight in the game. The bad news is that you need to be reasonably far along to unlock the Ropalolyst node on Jupiter.

Ropalolyst Walkthrough

To unlock the Ropaloyst node, you must first complete the Chimera Prologue quest— unlocked after completing The Sacrifice. But before you go running off to fight this flying Sentient, it's best to be prepared.

You'll want to bring a high-damage Radiation weapon to the fight with decent range. Snipers like Rubico Prime are a good idea, but anything with high single-shot damage should do the trick. A decent Amp is also recommended; anything better than a Mote Amp will do. Pick a Warframe with a damage-boosting ability and high toughness. Rhino and Chroma are ideal, but any tough Warframe will do.

The Ropalolyst fight can be summarized in two phases. In the first phase, your goal is to remove the Ropalolyst's shields and make it vulnerable. Use your Operator's Amp to widdle down the Ropalolyst's shields. Should it charge a beam attack, cloak with your Operator to tank the beam. When you remove its shield, it'll become vulnerable to a grapple from your Warframe. Get as close to the boss as you can and hit the interact input to mount the Ropalolyst.

Now that you're controlling the Ropalolyst, move it to one of three pylons near the edges of the arena. Hop off of the Ropalolyst. When it starts to charge a beam attack, take cover behind the pylon. This will charge the pylon, allowing you to stun the boss. Get atop the boss again, then ram it into the charged pylon. This will start a second phase of the fight.

Phase two is the real damage phase. First, shoot one of the "Syonvias" on the Ropalolyst's hind legs. This will stun it again and cause it to drop to the ground once more. A nearby panel will be activated and allow you to fire the Terren Charger at the Ropalolyst to deal damage to its health.

Note: You have a short window to use the Terren Charger on the boss. Stay near the panel while damaging the boss to ensure you use the beam in time.

After that, the Ropalolyst will get up and start flying around. Repeat these phases two more times to destroy this Sentient for good. Navigate through the remaining debris to extract.

There's roughly a 25% chance of getting any given Wisp blueprint, which means you'll have to run the Ropalolyst at least four times to get all four. You'll also need some rare materials to build Wisp, including 400 Hexenon, Argon Crystals, and Nitain Extract. Crafting components for each part are listed below.

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How To Craft Wisp

Wisp Blueprint

ObtainedRopalolyst Boss (22.56% chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 25,000 Credits
  • 1 Wisp Neuroptics
  • 1 Wisp Chassis
  • 1 Wisp Systems
  • 3 Orokin Cells
Crafting Time72 Hours

Wisp Neuroptics

ObtainedRopalolyst Boss (25.81% chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 500 Hexenon
  • 1 Argon Crystal
  • 700 Oxium
  • 2,750 Alloy Plate
Crafting Time12 Hours

Wisp Chassis

ObtainedRopalolyst Boss (25.81% chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 300 Hexenon
  • 2 Tellurium
  • 950 Plastids
  • 2,200 Polymer Bundle
Crafting Time12 Hours

Wisp Systems

ObtainedRopalolyst Boss (25.81% chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 400 Hexenon
  • 2 Nitain Extract
  • 950 Rubedo
  • 10,000 Salvage
Crafting Time12 Hours

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Wisp Abilities


Wisp Stats
  • Armor: 175
  • Energy: 200
  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 75
  • Sprint Speed: 1.2


Passive: Wisp becomes invisible to enemies while in the air.

Wisp's passive is rather straightforward. While you're airborne, you are considered invisible. Using your guns will break your invisibility, even silenced weapons. Note that your passive persists for a second when you land, giving you an opportunity to jump.


Reservoirs: Choose and summon a Reservoir filled with Moets that attach to and aid Wisp and her allies. Haste Mote grants increased movement and attack speed. Vitality Mote increases maximum health and heals over time. Shock Mote stuns nearby enemies.

Reservoir Stats
Drain25 Energy
DurationReservoir: Infinite
Mote: 30 seconds
Vitality Mote BuffsHealth: +300
HP Regen: 30 per second
Haste Mote BuffsSpeed: +20%
Fire Rate: +30%
Shock Mote BuffsStatus Chance: 100$
Range: 15m
Targets: 5
Applicable Mods
Affects Mote durationAffect Reservoir radius and Shock Mote rangeAffects cast Energy costAffects the magnitude of each Mote buff

Reservoirs might be the strongest support ability in Warframe—arguably one of the strongest first abilities out of any Warframe kit. You can cycle between one of three Reservoirs to deploy at Wisp's feet, granting anyone in the area a Mote of the respective Reservoir type. She can deploy a Vitality, Haste, or Shock Mote. You can have up to six Reservoirs active at a time, but your Motes can affect an infinite number of allies—including companions and NPCs.

Standing in a Reservoir will cause its respective Mote to last indefinitely; moving outside of a Reservoir will cause your Mote to gain a timer. Should that timer reach zero, you lose the Mote's buffs until you walk into a Reservoir again. You can only have one of each Mote type affect you at a given moment. Walking past a stronger Reservoir will override your current Mote with the strongest variant; they don't stack. Build this ability for Strength to get the most out of each Mote.

Synergy: You can use Breach Surge to teleport to a Reservoir, doubling the base radius of Breach Surge.


Wil-O-Wisp: Cast forward a spectral image of Wisp to confuse and distract enemies. Reactivate to travel to its position. Hold to have the image travel faster and teleport to its position on release.

Wil-O-Wisp Stats
Drain50 Energy
Duration4 seconds
Time Invulnerable3 seconds
Applicable Mods
Affects the spectral image's durationN/AAffects cast Energy costN/A

Wil-O-Wisp is Wisp's dedicated survivability tool. Activating this ability will create a spectral image of Wisp that travels in the direction you were facing when Wil-O-Wisp was cast. Holding down the ability key when casting Wil-O-Wisp will create an image that moves twice as fast. It will continue to move in a straight line for the listed duration. You can cancel the ability at any time by activating Wil-O-Wisp again, teleporting to your spectral image's location.

To further help you survive, this ability grants three seconds of invulnerability when cast. You can't extend this invulnerability window through Ability Duration, but you can chain it with Rolling Guard and similar effects. We recommend building for Ability Duration to get the most out of it.

Synergy: Casting Breach Surge while Wil-O-Wisp is active will cast a second Breach Surge near your spectral image. Wil-O-Wisp's Breach Surge radius is also doubled if you teleport to a Reservoir.

Breach Surge

Breach Surge: Open a dimensional breach to overwhelm nearby enemies and cause them to release aggressive Surge sparks when damaged. Wisp may also target a Reservoir to teleport it and double the range of the surge.

Note: This ability can be subsumed with the Helminth system.
Breach Surge Stats
Drain75 Energy
Duration16 seconds
Damage Multiplier2x
Status Chance20%
Applicable Mods
Affects debuff and blind durationAffects Breach Surge radiusAffects cast Energy costAffects damage multiplier and status chance

Wisp will spawn a ring of sparks around her for a moment, causing all targets in the ring to become blind. Damaging a target affected by Breach Surge has a chance of spawning a spark that will fly to a nearby target, dealing twice as much damage as the source of the hit. These sparks aim for the head, allowing them to land headshots on humanoid targets.

While the ability breakdown might imply that Breach Surge debuffs targets, it actually causes enemies to spawn sparks and nothing more. The sparks get a damage multiplier that's affected by Ability Strength. Strength also increases Breach Surge's status chance, making each damage source more likely to trigger a spark. Sparks can spawn from any damage source, including DoTs like Heat or Slash. Weapons that fire quickly or inflict lots of DoTs are recommended. Building this ability for Strength is also recommended.

Sol Gate

Sol Gate: Open a portal to the sun to irradiate enemies with a devastating beam of pure solar plasma. Hold fire to double Damage at the cost of increased energy consumption. For the duration of an attack enemies damaged by Sol Gate are increasingly more vulnerable to it.

Sol Gate Stats
DrainCast: 25 Energy
Active Drain: 12 per second
Damage / Second1,500 Heat and Radiation
Applicable Mods
Affects Energy drain while < 175% EfficiencyAffects Sol Gate's rangeAffects cast and drain Energy costsAffects Sol Gate's damage

Sol Gate is arguably Wisp's weakest ability, but it's still a solid choice for low-level content. Wisp creates a massive beam of energy in front of herself, dealing 1,500 Heat and Radiation damage every half second. You can hold down the fire button to double your Energy consumption in exchange for double damage. Enemies damaged by the beam become progressively more vulnerable to it, taking 50% more damage per second. This debuff caps at 500% more damage taken from Sol Gate.

Motes have an inherent synergy with Sol Gate, enhancing this ability with a few different properties:

  • Vitality Mote: Increases base damage by 25%.
  • Haste Mote: Sol Gate can inflict Corrosive status, stripping armor.
  • Shock Mote: Increases base damage by 25%.

Wisp can only strafe and dodge while Sol Gate is being channeled; parkour, sprinting, and firing your weapons are all disabled. You are immune to knockdowns while this skill is in use. We recommend you replace this ability with something else through the Helminth system, although players who want to use Sol Gate should spec for Ability Efficiency and Strength.

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Wisp Augments

Wisp has two Augment Mods, one of Reservoir and Breach Surge. Let's quickly go over what each Augment Mod does.

Fused Reservoir

Fused Reservoir (Exilus): Reservoirs Augment: Adds a fourth Reservoir that gives the effects of all three. Costs 200% more energy.

Fused Reservoir does what you'd expect. You gain a fourth Mote type that allows you to spawn all three at once. A fused Reservoir counts as having three Reservoirs when considering your Reservoir cap. Keep in mind that this is an Exilus Mod, meaning it doesn't have to take up a main Mod slot.

There are two main advantages to using this augment:

  1. You can receive the benefits of all three Motes while leveling Wisp.
  2. You can much more easily snapshot your Ability Strength.

That latter reason shouldn't be disregarded. This allows Wisp builds to run Energy Conversion, the Empower Helminth ability, or use the Power Drain Parazon Mod.

Critical Surge

Critical Surge: Breach Surge Augment: Teleporting to a Reservoir costs 50% Energy and grants 10% Critical Chance to Sniper Rifles per meter traveled for 9s. Maximum of 350% Critical Chance.

The critical chance given by Critical Surge is multiplicative with your base critical chance, behaving exactly like Point Strike. If other critical-enhancing Mods are on your weapon, Critical Surge will be added to those bonuses. For example, the 350% critical chance from this Mod would stack with Point Strike to give your sniper +500% critical chance.

Ability Strength affects the critical chance obtained per meter traveled but not the critical chance cap. Ability Duration affects how long the Critical Surge buff lasts. Recasting Breach Surge will refresh Critical Surge with a new buff. The Energy cost reduction is not affected by Ability Efficiency.

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The Best Wisp Builds

Wisp is quite versatile and can be modded in several different ways, but we're going to focus on three builds: a starter build with no Forma, a general support build that's good in all content, and a min-maxed Strength build that focuses solely on making Wisp's Reservoirs the best they can be. All three builds focus on Ability Strength and Ability Duration, with Strength being the more important stat.

Before we cover these builds, there are two ways you can build Wisp defensively:

  1. Adaptation Health Tank: Use Adaptation, Umbral Intensify, and Wisp's Vitality Mote to absorb a great deal of punishment passively. This is a great general setup that requires very little management.
  2. Shield Gating: Use a Decaying Dragon Key and Brief Respite to refresh your shield gate by casting Wil-O-Wisp. You'll have three sources of immunity—Rolling Guard, Wil-O-Wisp, and your shield gate.
Note: The build images below were created using Overframe.gg.

Starter Build (0 Forma, No Subsume)

  • Forma: None
  • Subsume: None OR Elemental Ward (Chroma)

Wisp thrives when you put Forma into her, but she's still more than usable without any. This build focuses on raising her Ability Strength, allocating Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude, Intensify, and Augur Reach to achieve a respectable 308% Ability Strength. Throw on Augur Message and Continuity to increase the duration of all of your skills. Then we throw on Fused Reservoir to make her more comfortable to play in non-endurance missions. If you want even more Strength, use Power Drift or Amar's Hatred instead.

If you have Helminth unlocked and want to make Wisp a better support Warframe, subsume Chroma's Elemental Ward into her fourth ability slot (replacing Sol Gate). Use either Heat or Cold for your element—determined by your Wisp's primary energy color—and replace Fused Reservoir with Everlasting Ward. This makes Wisp a fantastic support Warframe with minimal investment.

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General Support Build (4 Forma, Roar Subsume)

  • Forma: 4 (Aura, 2 Vs, – )
  • Subsume: Roar (Rhino) OR Elemental Ward (Chroma)

This is a solid upgrade to our general starter build listed above, this time taking advantage of Rhino's Roar (in place of Sol Gate) to give your team a sizable damage boost. An Ability Strength of 348% should be more than enough for most content. Raising your Strength any higher requires some compromises that you might not like—ones we make in our final build. We round out the build by getting some Ability Duration and Ability Range, allowing Breach Surge to debuff more enemies while making Roar easier to use.

If you want to give more utility to your group, replace Roar with Chroma's Elemental Ward. From there, replace Fused Reservoir with an R4 Power Drift. Finally, replace Augur Message or Strech with Everlasting Ward. You can run whichever element you desire, although we recommend Cold or Heat. Toxin is also good, although this build doesn't scale its effects very well.

Shield Gate Alternative

If you want to use shield gating to stay alive, replace Growing Power with Brief Respite, Adaptation with Rolling Guard, and drop Augur Message for Streamline. With a Decaying Dragon Key equipped, you'll generate just enough shields from Wil-O-Wisp to fully refresh your shield, re-enabling your shield gate. Your Wil-O-Wisp and Rolling Guard also give invulnerability, giving you three sources of invincibility.

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Theoretical Strongest Motes (4 Forma, Empower Subsume)

  • Forma: 4 (Aura, 2 Vs, – )
  • Subsume: Empower (Helminth)

With this build, your Reservoirs will have an Ability Strength of 495% with no external modifiers. This is the highest value you can achieve unless you replace Fused Reservoir with Amar's Hatred. We don't recommend this, as it means it'll be more tedious to use Mods like Energy Conversion and other snapshotting sources we're about to mention. If you don't like the low Ability Duration on this build, replace Augur Secrets with Narrow Minded.

Note: This build requires a spare Umbral Fiber and Umbral Vitality, both of which can be purchased from Cephalon Simaris for 100,000 Standing each. Scan targets in Ukko, Void on Steel Path to reach Simaris' reputation cap in just a few minutes. Bring a stealth Warframe to maximize your earnings. Repeat daily until you can purchase both Mods.

To achieve that Ability Strength, you must activate Empower, Energy Conversion, and Growing Power before spawning a Reservoir. This isn't too tedious, but there's a much more micro-intensive method this build supports that can raise your Strength all the way to 740%.

Reaching 740% Strength requires the following:

  • A Kitgun with the Pax Bolt Arcane (+30% Strength).
  • The Power Drain Mod on your Parazon (+50% Strength).
  • A Nidus Specter (1.2875x Strength multiplier).

The process looks something like this:

  1. Activate Empower.
  2. Summon your Nidus Specter. While you complete the following steps, it should eventually cast Parasitic Link on you.
  3. Grab an Energy Orb to activate Energy Conversion.
  4. Land a Mercy kill with your Parazon.
    1. This is easily the hardest part, but you only need to do it once.
  5. Land a precision final blow with your Kitgun to proc Pax Bolt.
    1. This should proc Growing Power in the process.
    2. Summon your Fused Reservoir.
    3. If you don't have Parasitic Link active, you'll have 575% Strength. If it's active, you'll have 740%. This is the hypothetical strongest Fused Mote you can make as a solo player without considering Helminth Invigorations, Arbitration buffs, or Void Fissure corruptions.

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