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The Lua's Prey update for Warframe introduced Voruna, a wolf-themed Warframe with a fantastic suite of abilities. Create chaos by inflicting dozens of status effects, stalk your enemies from the shadows, and pounce on your prey when they least expect it.

Voruna is a melee-themed Warframe that is fantastic for priming targets with status effects, perfect for Condition Overload melee builds and other status-scaling effects. With the right build, Voruna becomes nothing short of a DPS monster that is virtually unkillable. This guide will cover how to get your hands on Voruna, how her abilities work, and we'll showcase some of Voruna's best builds.

How To Craft Voruna

Voruna's parts drop from Conjunction Survival missions found on Lua. The Yuvarium and Circulus nodes will unlock upon completing "The War Within" quest. Additionally, Voruna's parts may also be purchased from Archimedean Yonta in the Zariman, unlocked upon completing "The New War" and "Angels of the Zariman" questlines. Lua Thrax Plasms, a currency needed to craft her parts, can be found by defeating Thrax units in Conjunction Survival missions.

Voruna Blueprint

Drop Source
  • Yuvarium, Lua: Rotation C (6.82% drop chance)
  • Circulus, Lua: Rotation C (12.24% drop chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 25,000 Credits
  • 1 Voruna Neuroptics
  • 1 Voruna Chassis
  • 1 Voruna Systems
  • 50 Lua Thrax Plasm
Crafting Time72 Hours

Voruna Neuroptics

Drop Source
  • Yuvarium, Lua: Rotation C (4.55% drop chance)
  • Circulus, Lua: Rotation C (8.16% drop chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 20 Somatic Fibers
  • 2,500 Alloy Plate
  • 800 Polymer Bundle
  • 25 Lua Thrax Plasm
Crafting Time12 Hours

Voruna Chassis

Drop Source
  • Yuvarium, Lua: Rotation C (4.55% drop chance)
  • Circulus, Lua: Rotation C (8.16% drop chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 20 Voidgel Orb
  • 1,000 Ferrite
  • 300 Rubedo
  • 25 Lua Thrax Plasm
Crafting Time12 Hours

Voruna Systems

Drop Source
  • Yuvarium, Lua: Rotation C (4.55% drop chance)
  • Circulus, Lua: Rotation C (8.16% drop chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 5 Nitain Extract
  • 30 Voidgel Orb
  • 5,000 Salvage
  • 25 Lua Thrax Plasm
Crafting Time12 Hours

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Voruna Abilities


  • Armor: 190
  • Energy: 100
  • Health: 150
  • Shields: 100
  • Sprint Speed: 0.95


Passive: Voruna never fights alone. In mission, hold Abilities to call upon each wolf's unique Passive power.

Voruna doesn't have a passive, at least not in the traditional sense. Like Lavos, Voruna's passive is determined by a UI element you can swap by hold-casting each ability. Doing so changes your passive for no Energy cost; it does not cast the ability in that slot.

Your currently active wolf will grant a passive buff, lasting until you switch wolves. You may only benefit from one wolf passive at a time. Each wolf grants one buff:

Wolf Passives
Dynar+40% Parkour Velocity
RakshImmune to Status Effects and Knockdowns
Lychath+100% Heavy Attack Efficiency*
UlfrunSurvive Lethal Damage (30s Cooldown)

*Melee weapons cannot exceed 90% Heavy Attack Efficiency.

Subsuming over any of Voruna's powers will prevent you from selecting that ability's respective passive. For example, subsuming over Shroud of Dynar would prevent you from selecting the Parkour Velocity passive.

Shroud Of Dynar

Shroud of Dynar: Dynar shrouds Voruna with invisibility and accelerates her speed. Invisibility ends when Voruna attacks. For a short time after a melee attack lands, melee attacks have increased Critical Damage and Status Chance and inflict Bleed. Melee kill an enemy during this time to extend the melee buff.

Shroud Of Dynar Stats
Drain25 Energy
DurationInvisibility: 14 Seconds
Kill Window: 3 Seconds
Buff Extension: 8 Seconds
BuffMelee Critical Damage: +200%
Melee Status Chance: +100%
Applicable Mods
Affects invisibility and buff durationN/AAffects cast Energy costAffects melee critical damage buff

Voruna becomes invisible until you attack, allowing you to navigate the map without getting attacked by enemies. Casting an ability does not break invisibility. When you break invisibility, you'll gain the Shroud of Dynar buff for three seconds, increasing your melee critical damage, status chance, and forcing Slash procs with every strike. Kill an enemy before it expires to extend the buff by eight seconds. You can only extend Shroud of Dynar once before it needs to be recast.

Shroud of Dynar scales best with Ability Strength and Duration. Strength makes your critical multiplier even stronger, while Ability Duration makes your invisibility and buff kill window last longer. The status chance effect is additive, flat status chance is introduced after your weapon's status chance is calculated. For example, if your weapon's status chance is 120% before Shroud of Dynar, this buff increases your status chance to 220%. The critical damage buff seems to be additive with mods. Both effects are unaffected by equipped melee mods.

Fangs Of Raksh

Fangs of Raksh: Raksh's fangs tear into your enemies. 5 random Status Effects are applied at 10 Stacks each on an enemy. On target's death, spread the Status Effects to other nearby enemies.

Fangs Of Raksh Stats
Drain50 Energy
RangeLunge Distance: 30 Meters
Spread Radius: 7 Meters
Damage250 Slash
Applicable Mods
N/AAffects ability radiusAffects cast Energy costN/A

Voruna will immediately leap onto the target closest to your cursor, cursing them with five random status effects at ten stacks each. Any status ailment (excluding Void) can be afflicted this way, making Fangs of Raksh absurdly powerful for status/damage mods like Condition Overload and Galvanized Savvy. Ability Strength and Duration have no impact on this ability. Slash, Toxin, and Gas procs seem to scale based on level; more testing is needed.

Should a target die while afflicted by Fangs of Raksh, that target will spread all status effects and their respective stacks to nearby foes, affected by Ability Range. The target will spread the status effects if they die under any circumstances, not just from Voruna's abilities or weapons. All status ailments afflicted onto nearby targets have refreshed timers. You can also spam this ability on the same target multiple times to further increase their status effect stacks, no more than what the status type allows.

Fangs of Raksh scales best with Ability Range. Range makes the ailment proliferation effect much stronger and gives Voruna some excellent debuff potential.

If you're willing to replace one of her abilities with the Helminth system, Expedite Suffering has some notable synergies with this ability, converting all Slash and Toxin procs into a massive instance of damage. You might also consider pairing Fangs of Raksh with Sickening Pulse to double all Slash, Heat, and Toxin procs you inflict while refreshing all status effect timers.

Lycath's Hunt

Lycath's Hunt: Lycath hunts to sustain the pack. Enemies killed by melee attacks drop health orbs and enemies killed by headshots drop energy orbs. Increase the duration of Lycath's hunt by killing enemies affected by 5 or more Status Effects.

This ability can be subsumed with the Helminth system. Energy and Health Orb spawn rates are reduced to 50% if subsumed onto another Warframe.

Lycath's Hunt Stats
Drain75 Energy
DurationOn Cast: 20 Seconds
On Kill: +5 Seconds, up to a cap of x3 your base ability duration
Orb Drop Chance100%
Applicable Mods
Affects cast and on-kill durationN/AAffects cast Energy costN/A

Health and Energy Orbs become common resources for Voruna and her allies. Headshot kills will always spawn an Energy Orb, and melee kills will always spawn a Health Orb. Ability Strength does not affect spawn rates. You're still unable to grab excess Health or Energy Orbs without the use of mods. For Health Orbs, you can equip Synth Fiber on your companion.

Lycath's Hunt scales best with Ability Duration, allowing you to retain the buff for longer. While this seems like Voruna's weakest ability at first glance, Lycath's Hunt is amazing for buildcrafters looking for niche mod synergies. Mods like Equilibrium, Health Conversion, and Synth Fiber are easy to trigger with this ability active. Arcane Eruption, Energize, and Blessing also have notable synergies with Lycath's Hunt, infusing your Health and Energy Orbs with powerful effects that are otherwise difficult to trigger consistently.

Ulfrun's Descent

Ulfrun's Descent: Voruna drops to all fours and prepares 5 brutal charges that lock onto enemies. Ulfrun, the most powerful wolf, leads the attack as Voruna dashes toward her target. The pack deals increased damage to targets and nearby enemies that are inflicted by Status Effects. Lethal attacks double the damage of Voruna's remaining charges.

Ulfrun's Descent Stats
Drain100 Energy
RangeLunge Distance: 30 Meters
Slam AoE: 10 meters
Debuff Duration4 Seconds
DamageHit: 5,000 Slash
DoT: 1,000 Slash per second
Applicable Mods
Affects debuff durationAffects ability radius and lunge rangeAffects cast Energy costAffects lunge and DoT damage

Voruna holsters her weapons and gains five pounce attacks, inflicting massive Slash damage to anyone you hit. Enemies damaged by Ulfrun's Descent take additional Slash DoT damage for a short duration. Kills with this ability double the damage of your remaining pounces, stacking upon itself if you land multiple kills.

Ulfrun's Descent scales best with Ability Strength, scaling your pounce damage while making it easier to benefit from your ultimate's damage scaling mechanic. You can also spec for Ability Range to increase the size of your slam attack whenever you lunge. Overall, we find this to be Voruna's weakest ability and a safe pick to subsume over.

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Voruna Builds

We'll be looking at two Voruna builds today that range from no investment to multiple Forma. There are quite a few ways to build Voruna—speccing for melee speed with Valkyr's Warcry, using Expedite Suffering to quickly expend Slash and Toxin procs applied by Fangs of Raksh, et cetera—the builds we'll be showcasing don't require much setup and are good for all game types.

Voruna wants as much Ability Range as possible with positive Range and Duration. This is mostly due to the small spread radius of Fangs of Raksh, arguably Voruna's strongest ability. With some investment into Ability Range, you'll be spreading status procs better than Lavos or any other elemental Warframe. Efficiency can actually be dumped on Voruna if you build around Equilibrium, something we'll be showcasing in both builds. You'll also want to use weapon mods that scale off status effects, notably Condition Overload for your melee.

Archon Shards

Voruna greatly benefits from Ability Strength and Duration (Crimson), Power Max (Azure), and Casting Speed (Amber). None of the builds listed in this guide use Archon Shards, but we highly recommend installing two cast speed shards. It makes spamming her Fangs of Raksh ability much more practical.

Orb-related Archon Shards do not affect the Equilibrium mod.

For survivability, shield-gating and HP tanking are equally viable. Brief Respite makes shield-gating incredibly easy on Voruna thanks to the high cost of her second ability, yet her high base HP can be scaled aggressively through Umbral Vitality and Arcane Blessing, and her ample Health Orb generation makes Voruna a solid candidate for Health Conversion. Pair that with Adaptation and a source of healing, and you should be virtually unkillable. Players that push level-cap endurance missions should use shield-gating, but it really is down to preference.

For your Focus School, pick Naramon or Zenurik. Naramon allows you to retain your combo multiplier after it decays, synergizing well with Voruna's melee abilities and Heavy Attack Efficiency passive from her third ability. If you're struggling to get your Energy regenerated, consider using Zenurik.

Starter Build (0 Forma, No Subsume)

  • Forma: 0
  • Subsume: None

This build buffs Voruna's Ability Range greatly while giving moderate buffs to her other stats. Before we give a breakdown of the build itself, it's important to mention that your companion must have Synth Fiber equipped for this build to work. If you want another way to grab Health Orbs, consider using the Combat Discipline aura mod.

We use Overextended and Stretch to extend the reach of her Fangs of Raksh ability, allowing you to spread status ailments with ease. Transient Fortitude counters the Strength penalty from Overextended, and Primed Continuity counters Transient Fortitude's negative Duration.

Voruna needs some sort of Energy sustain, so we'll be doing something a little unconventional: equip Equilibrium and Flow. Your third ability, Lycath's Hunt, spawns Health Orbs on every melee kill. Grabbing these orbs with Equilibrium installed will grant 55 Energy, effectively giving Voruna 55 Energy on every kill. We use Flow to give ourselves a buffer if there aren't any enemies to kill.

Round off the build with Vitality for more HP and any D-polarity aura, and you have yourself a reliable melee Warframe that will cleave through the Star Chart with ease. Always keep your third ability active, spam your second ability, and activate your first ability when your melee needs some help killing a target. If you need help regenerating your HP in combat, equip the Healing Return mod on your melee weapon.

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Howl Of The Pack (3 Forma, Terrify Subsume)

  • Forma: 3 (2 –, – (Aura))
  • Subsume: Terrify (Nekros)

This build uses Nekros' Terrify in place of Ulfrun's Descent to give Voruna armor-strip. For general scaling, we'll be focusing on HP tanking, utilizing Vitality, Adaptation (unranked), and Arcane Guardian to keep Voruna alive. Thanks to the Health Orbs generated by her third ability, getting your health back shouldn't be an issue. If you're playing Steel Path content, equip Healing Return on your melee weapon.

Equilibrium and Primed Flow give you all the Energy sustain you'll need, recovering 55 Energy for every Health Orb you grab. And since every melee kill spawns a Health Orb, you'll be stoked up on Energy. Transient Fortitude and Corrosive Projection allow Terrify to fully strip armor.

Range is important for Voruna's second ability, so we'll be scaling her Ability Range through Stretch, Augur Reach, and Cunning Drift. This nearly doubles the effective range of both Terrify and Fangs of Raksh. The final mod slot is up to you, but we recommend Primed Continuity to make Shroud of Dynar's melee buff easier to use.

For Arcanes, you'll want Arcane Guardian to scale your armor and preferably Arcane Blessing to increase your max HP by collecting Health Orbs. If you don't have either of these Arcanes, use anything you prefer.

Further Optimizations

If you want to truly min-max Voruna, you'll want to replace Transient Fortitude and Vitality with Umbral Intensify and Vitality, respectively. You'll then want to install two Energy Max Archon Shards (Azure) and drop Primed Flow, replacing it with either Creeping Terrify or any other mods you prefer—Health Conversion isn't a bad pick if you want to free up an Arcane slot.

This setup will require additional Forma and Archon Shards, so only do this if you plan on frequently playing Voruna.

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