Virtual Superstar Hatsune Miku Gets Drawing From Date A Live Illustrator

As you’ve probably already guessed, 2021 will be another quiet year in terms of music. Festivals and concerts are mostly canceled around the world thanks to the coronavirus, and the ones that are happening are all online to keep concertgoers safe.

Which is the perfect environment for a virtual celebrity like Hatsune Miku to thrive. The Vocaloid performer normally appears as a hologram or some other digital display, so there’s no risk of catching a potentially deadly airborne disease from her.

There is of course potential to catch COVID from other concert attendees, but having Hatsune Miku perform online in a virtual-only space is much easier for her than any other music producing entity. She basically just needs to flip a switch.

The good news for Miku fans is that she’s going to be putting on some sort of event later this year after an exceptionally quiet 2020. Called “Hatsune Miku Digital Stars 2021,” the online-only event will feature “creators from various regions as well as special guests from across Japan,” according to AnimeNewsNetwork.

And to whet your appetite, Date a Live and Hyperdimension Neptunia illustrator Tsunako produced the official poster, which you can view below.

We don’t know when or how to access the event, but details on both will be provided at a later date. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA MegaMix is out now if you just can’t wait that long.

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