Video Games Houses That Are A Realtor’s Nightmare

Being an estate agent or realtor is an often trying job and one that requires wearing a lot of hats. The rewards can be great, but in order to secure them, it requires a substantial effort. However, the amount of effort that selling certain video game houses would take would almost certainly be beyond the scope of what even the most dogged real estate agent would be willing to put forward.

A house with water damage? Ha, try a house under the water. A house with outdated wiring that may be a fire hazard? Well, that's nothing in comparison to a house that is always on fire. Video games may be built on the dreams of their developers, but they are filled with the nightmares of realtors.

10 Hunter's Apartment, Rise Of The Dragon

Look, if you're a realtor selling a home in the city, you are probably pretty used to selling relatively cramped spaces. Maybe you call them "cute" or "cozy". But when the square footage is in the single digits most people showing up for the home viewing were probably under the impression that the square footage part of the listing was a typo.

You better have a silver tongue when selling this one, as this apartment sure as hell isn't going to sell itself. Maybe you could call it space-efficient?

9 Skumole Shack, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Well, you have to give this property one thing: it's very upfront about what it is. Easily among the worst safe houses in the Grand Theft Auto series, this one is going to be a challenge for any realtor to sell. This shack is seemingly constructed solely with corrugated sheets of steel.

Its best feature is that it has windows. Unfortunately, the windows have all been kicked in. Also, the interior walls are an ominous, mottled black and gray color. So, either the shack is charred or it is filled with black mold. Either way, this is far from being an easy sale.

8 South Ashfield Heights, Silent Hill 4: The Room

Your typical realtor is probably at least somewhat familiar with stains. Stains on the carpet are always going to be a problem. But what about stained apartments? Like, apartments where every inch is inexplicably covered in red stains? And we haven't even gotten to the doll faces coming out of the walls, yet.

On the positive side, with the front door bolted shut with dozens of chains, at least this apartment has home security covered. Well, outside the giant gaping hole in the bathroom that leads directly to the subway, that is. You are going to have to really sell that "fixer-upper" angle.

7 Toad's House, Super Mario 3D Land

When you think of all the worst possible issues you could run into while attempting to sell a house one of the absolutely most disastrous has to be a mold issue. Well, what happens when the house is, itself, mold? That's right, Toad's House is just one giant, hollowed-out, fungal growth. Talk about a realtor's nightmare!

The one thing Toad's House has going for it is how miserable the housing market is in general in the Mushroom Kingdom. Maybe once they see that the majority of their other options are actively filled with lava they will warm up to the fungus house.

6 Finch House, What Remains Of Edith Finch

So, for starters, you are probably going to jail if you sell this house as is. As uniquely constructed as it may be, and it is a sight to behold, half of it is clearly not going to pass any building inspector's standards. You are, at the very least, tearing down the rickety, watchtower-esque expansion.

And as a realtor you better pray that no one asks if it is safe, being so close to a cliff and the coast and all. Because then you may have to mention the fatalities. "Who died", they may ask. "All of them", you will have to answer. Time to face the music; you're never getting your commission.

5 Mercury Suites, Bioshock

When your house is next to the ocean, you have a winner with vacation appeal. When your house is at the bottom of the ocean, on the other hand, you have one hell of a challenging open house. But that is the reality of showing a property featured in the first BioShock title.

But hey, once you get the prospective buyer into the Mercury Suites to see the place itself, you can finally show them any number of apartments – since there appear to be a number of vacancies. Some of them haven't even fully collapsed in on themselves yet! Also, you will have to hope that the prospective buyers are okay with having "eccentric" neighbors. You may want to sweeten the deal by including a shotgun with the property…

4 Castlevania, Castlevania

There is a famous saying in real estate: location, location, location. Unfortunately, the location they are referring to here is not on a cliffside in the middle of nowhere, which is exactly where Castlevania is located.

On the positive end of things, at least there are already plenty of tenants. Maybe we can sell it as a passive income generator? How much does Count Olrox pay in rent for his wing of the castle? Oh, and it is an extremely spacious property. Sure, some of it is upside down, but maybe you could argue that adds to its charm?

3 Dimitrescu Castle, Resident Evil: Village

This is a rough one. You see the gilded hallways of Castle Dimitrescu as a realtor, and you think you've made it. You're spending your commission in your head ten seconds after walking into the foyer and noticing that every room is immaculately decorated. The property sells itself, right?

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, as you step into the basement and see the blood. The tens of thousands of gallons of blood that entirely fill the basement to be precise. Who do you even bring in to deal with this kind of mess? Maybe a septic company? By the time you start considering calling it a unique indoor water feature you know you're already doomed.

2 Hell House, Final Fantasy 7

Sometimes a real estate agent has to deal with the terrible scenario where the tenants living in a house that is for sale are actively hostile and interfering with the process. That would, by most accounts, be considered a nightmare for most realtors. But what happens when the house itself is hostile?

Well, that is what we call taking it to the next level. Open houses are hard enough without having to contend with a house that likes to set itself on fire. That's assuming you can even find it; Hell House seems quite fond of hopping around.

1 Pipe House, Mario RPG

In Super Mario RPG, Mario, the plumber, lives in a house that features no bathroom. But that isn't to say that his house doesn't have pipes. No, don't you worry about that. It's got a big pipe. Sticking out of its roof. A pipe that has to have, like, a ten-foot diameter. Which, you know, kinda defeats the purpose of a roof.

What happens when it rains? Who designed this horrible, horrible house? Any real estate agent is going to have to basically sell the land it is on. If anything, Pipe House lowers the value of the property. Also, Mario, you should be ashamed of yourself. You don't know the first thing about plumbing, do you?

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