Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 7 – Long Island Walkthrough

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  • Should You Kill Doctor Kim?
  • Alternate Exit To The Scene
  • How To Open Lab Door
  • How To Acquire A Red Implant
  • How To Get Joseph Manneh To Leave His Office
  • How To Win The Confrontation With Joseph Manneh
  • Should You Kill Joseph Manneh?
  • How To Destroy The Books In The Treasure Department
  • How To Kill Elle Gallagher
  • How To Save The Book In Elle’s Test Chamber
  • How To Win Confrontation With Stanford

After Galeb gave Berel a stern talking to, or, gave Kaius a helping hand, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong has him sent to Long Island. Where most of the game has had an investigative air, Long Island is much more serious. Galeb isn’t messing around – he is out to assassinate Stanford.

Mechanically, this is mostly what we’ve seen before. You will still be moving around large environments looking for clues to solve various puzzles. In this instance, you are collecting implants to infiltrate the SI base and find the location of your target. Depending on how you approach things, this Scene can end incredibly quickly.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade Galeb to have Fortiture level three for this Scene. It is not required, but there are a couple of moments in this Scene where having it can help you nab the “best” ending.

Should You Kill Doctor Kim?

Right from the get-go, you are given a moral conundrum. As you are exploring the morgue, an unsuspecting Doctor bumps into you. You have to make a quick decision – kill her, or use your Presence to calm her down.

If you kill Doctor Kim, you will lose out on some background information on the SI, and you won’t get the opportunity to learn the PIN to her safe. For the record, this safe contains the implants you need to progress. The PIN is 423.

Thankfully, if you were a bit trigger-happy, you can find a nearby scalpel and remove the required implant from a corpse in the morgue. This item is more important than you know, and keeping it, regardless of what you did to Kim, will make later portions of the game, easier, and in some cases, actually possible.

If you are concerned about the Hunger cost of sparing her, don’t be. There are plenty of Safe Zones in this scene, and you shouldn’t be in a situation where you are desperate for a bite to eat.

Alternate Exit To The Scene

You can end this scene incredibly quickly if you make the wrong decision when dealing with the guard at the bottom of the hidden elevator. You are forced to use Dominate or Presence, but these are not effective against him. You must either successfully Intimidate the guard, or you are getting a chest full of stakes.

If you can’t convince him to calm down, the scene ends with you being taken away for interrogation. This is the worst way to end this Scene.

How To Open Lab Door

There is a large door blocking access to the lab. There is a big kerfuffle with an agent not understanding basic protocols, and it is down to you to figure out how to open it. There is a puzzle involved that requires you to mess around with the door's voltage to get it open.

You can solve this fairly easily by reading the nearby book and notes that tell you what voltage you need to aim for when opening this door. In short, you need to aim for a current of 220V.

To get this current, turn off all of the switches. Then, on the left column, turn on switches two and three. On the right column, turn on switch three. Pull the lever to the right, and the door will open.

How To Acquire A Red Implant

Chiara Favarone runs the Clinic and possesses the implant we need to fully complete our mission. From the room where you first encounter Chiara, go left into the hazmat room. Open the locker to the left using either security or code 1492. Wear the hazmat suit, approach Chiara, and attempt to take her implant.

This will fail, but she will not realize your murderous intent. Instead, she will ask you to go retrieve a body part from cold storage. Take the key and reference number and head to cold storage.

At the bottom of cold storage, under the name Jara Drory, is the piece you need. Take the cerebellum and make your way back. Hand the cerebellum to Chiara and then attempt to take her implant again. You will succeed, and Chiara will die from her injuries.

From here, go back to the central area and upgrade your implant. This opens up several doors that can be used to complete other side objectives.

How To Get Joseph Manneh To Leave His Office

Joseph Manneh is one of the people who have access to a red implant. Getting him to leave his office, however, is easier said than done. Joseph spends his days restoring old texts, and the only way to get him to stop doing that, is to request the exact text he is working on.

Go to the back room where you can request books, and then punch in the reference: 8070. Joseph will leave his office.

How To Win The Confrontation With Joseph Manneh

Of all of the characters you meet on Long Island, Joseph is easily the most interesting. He immediately recognizes you for what you are and shows no fear or hatred. If anything, he is fascinated by your existence.

This will trigger a Confrontation that can turn Jospeh into an ally – providing you win.

Select the following options to win the Confrontation:

  • “I’ve seen their experiments on our kind.”
  • “Because his kind will condemn him as a heretic.”
  • You will need stats in Psychology to “Defend” here. If you don’t select “Don’t Defend”
  • “He knows he can trust me.”

Should You Kill Joseph Manneh?

Once you have finished up your Confrontation, you get the option to murder Joseph and take him implant. You can kill him, but doing so is not recommended. His implant, whilst red, will not unlock the GPS you are trying to access. Not only that, but he will return at a later point in the game and give you information that could mean the difference between life and death. Spare him.

How To Destroy The Books In The Treasure Department

Since you (should) have access to a red implant, you can engage in a bit of sabotage whilst in the Treasure Department. When you first enter the department, you can see a large glass window. To the right of this window is an implant scanner linked to temperature and humidity controls. Scan your implant, and alter the humidity to destroy all the books in Joseph’s office.

How To Kill Elle Gallagher

Elle Gallagher is a character you have very little time to interact with, but in that time, leaves an impression. If Joseph is clearly a decent guy trying to learn, Chiara is someone just doing her job and getting in your way, then Elle is the merciless hunter who kills vampires for fun. Of all the people you meet, Elle Gallagher is the one who needs to die.

To kill Elle, you need to go to Cold Storage and pick up the bloody key to the right of the entrance. Take this back to the Test Area you find Elle, insert the key into the console, and push the button. This will burn Elle alive.

How To Save The Book In Elle’s Test Chamber

There is a book in Elle’s test chamber, and saving this book is a side objective as it gives you some background on how the SI is formed. To save the book from the flames that will inevitably engulf Elle, you need to do a few things.

Firstly, you need to restore power to the console that controls the safety container the book is in. To do this, go to the fuse box on the wall in the test chamber. If you have three Fortitude, you can repair this with your bare hands. If not, use the red implant you took from Chiara to open the nearby door.

Inside this room is some information on Elle, Joseph, Chiara, and Olsen, as well as some electric pliers. Take these back to the fuse box and repair the wires.

From here, go back to the control panel, hit the green button, and then burn Elle alive. Interact with the book to complete the side objective.

How To Win Confrontation With Stanford

Once you have finished up your tasks in the facility, go back to the main computer terminal and unlock the GPS tracking system for Stanford. Remember, you will need to have Chiara’s implant installed for this to work.

This leads to a cutscene where you are shot in the chest and taken to an interrogation room. This Confrontation with Stanford can end in a few different ways. If you want to pass this Confrontation with flying colours, you need Fortitude level three. If you fail this confrontation, Stanford could learn the location of Prince Iverson and will learn that you have an implant hidden.

To win, simply choose the Fortitude option every time it comes up – just make sure you have enough Hunger to do this.

If you don’t have the Fortitude, then you can lose without revealing the location of your home base. Purposefully fail enough times so that when you get to the option that determines whether or not you win or lose the Confrontation, you can fail without giving up the location of Prince Iverson.

The final option is to simply tell the truth on every, single, question. This will cause you to “win” the Confrontation, and you won’t be left brutally scarred and disfigured. Your implant also remains hidden. The downside? You’ve just sold out the Camarilla. Whoops.

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