Valheim: What Are Dandelions Good For And Where To Find Them

When first setting out in Valheim, you’ll come across many natural elements. The uses for some of them are fairly evident, such as wood and stones for crafting and berries for sustenance. But some materials are more ambiguous, such as the dandelions you can pick along the way.

You may have attempted feeding these flowers to the local fauna only to discover they find the plant abhorrent and earned a tusk to the ribs rather than taming the wild boar. You can’t stick them in a vase and use them as decoration to brighten up your longhouse either. So what can you do with these bright blooming flowers?

Dandelions: A Medicinal Plant

In fact, Dandelions are wholly edible, from root to flower, and have been used in medicinal practices throughout history. So those snobbish boars turning their tusks up at the offering is a testament to the swines’ discerning pallet rather than the plant’s nutritional values.

Iron Gate AB held true to the dandelion’s long history of herbal healing by incorporating its use into a couple of recipes for health fortifying meads. Mead bases, to be specific. One dandelion, along with ten raspberries, five blueberries, and ten measures of honey, makes up the base for a minor healing mead. Swap out the five blueberries for 4 blood bags, and you’ve got the base for a medium healing mead instead.

You’ll need a cauldron to brew up the bases and a fermenter in order to process them into a proper mead. This means you will need to have defeated Valheim’s second boss, The Elder, in order to start brewing.

The base is easy enough to brew once you have the requisite tools, the recipe being unlocked after you acquire all the ingredients and craft a cauldron. One mead base will yield six bottles of mead after being processed in the fermenter for two days. A minor healing mead will restore 50 points of health over a time span of about ten seconds, while the medium healing meads boosts that regeneration up to 75 points.

Best Picking Grounds

Dandelions grow most commonly in the open fields of the Meadows. Still, you can find them amongst the more shrouded areas beneath the trees and along river banks in those biomes as well. Once plucked, dandelions take four hours to respawn, so even if you find bountiful picking grounds, it’s not incredibly efficient to keep farming the same area.

Greydwarf Brutes also have a 100% drop rate for dandelions. These more aggressive and imposing Greydwarfs are native to the Black Forest biomes. However, they have also been known to invade Meadow biomes in the nighttime hours after a Viking has slain The Elder boss.

If you’re more of a Viking pacifist- we won’t delve into that historical contradiction here- you can certainly farm enough dandelions throughout the meadows without engaging in combat. But if you feel like testing your metal while out gathering, taking on some Greydwarf Brutes is a great two for one option. Just remember they can be rather volatile, and you can’t scare them off with fire as you can with other monsters if you get desperate.

If you do find yourself overwhelmed by the creatures’ brute force, have no fear. There is now an altruistic group of Vikings known as the Body Recovery Squad who are happy to escort you in retrieving your goods dropped upon death. So go forth and gather those medicinal flowers in whichever way you deem fit.

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