Valheim Now Has A Mountain Stairway That Stretches Above The Clouds

Not only is Iron Gate Studio’s survival game a thrilling Norse mythology-inspired expanse to explore, but Valheim is also rivaling Minecraft on the building front. The sky is the limit when it comes to players’ creativity, and one of the more recent in-game builds is a picturesque mountain stairway that ends above the clouds.

If the free rein to build whatever your heart desires doesn’t sound magical enough, then the addition of the magic spells mod will leave you mesmerized. The Skyheim mod has mixed the enchantment of Skyrim with Valheim, borrowing The Elder Scrolls’ power. Naturally, a necromancy mod soon followed, that let Valheim wanderers play with the dark arts – which would have disappointed Severus Snape had he been around.

Both mods certainly add to the grandeur of the game, but the allure of its core, rooted in survival, building, and exploration mechanics, is the real spell you’ll fall under. It’s the crafting that makes Valheim a worthy contender to Minecraft, offering smoother graphics instead of voxels, and many players have demonstrated the stretch of the game’s limitations – thanks to programs like the ‘Forever Build’ mod.

The thought of trekking up a snow-covered mountain, sitting quietly away from civilization, sounds inviting. It is for this reason that Redditor ‘borischung01’ shared their build of a “mountain pass” with the Valheim community, showcasing the second half of the build which was “built high enough to exit the atmosphere”.

The three-minute clip shows the character ascending wooden stairs lit by lanterns, with some of the staircase curving out into mid-air with nothing to stop you from falling. The journey to the summit may be daunting for players with vertigo, but the view from the top is worth it. The peak is clearly towering over the clouds, and serves as a majestic place to rest.

The misty mountains also appear in Tolkien’s epic The Lord of the Rings, and one of the saga’s iconic structures has also made its way into Valheim. Another dedicated builder managed to replicate the stronghold Helm’s Deep – brick by brick. The resemblance is uncanny, with the Hornburg attached too, and the creator even admitted that they were considering rebuilding the outer wall to improve the build’s accuracy.

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