Valheim: How To Tame A Lox

Alongside boars and wolves, Lox are a type of creature you can tame while playing Valheim. You’ve probably encountered one of these creatures already while exploring the Plains biome. They are easy to recognize as they look like a mixture between a reptile and something with fur.

These creatures have aggressive behavior and can even attack in the water, so you won’t be safe from them in your boat. However, they have terrible vision and bad hearing, making it possible to sneak past them without crouching. While Lox are harder to tame than boars or wolves, these creatures are an excellent Lox Meat and Lox Pelt source. You can use Lox Meat to gain Health and Stamina, and Lox Pelts are useful for crafting the Lox Cape and the Lox Rug.

What You’ll Need To Tame A Lox

Just like you would if you wanted to tame a wolf or a boar, you’ll need to build a pen to capture a lox in order to tame it. However, these creatures are significantly bigger and stronger, so you’ll need a bigger pen made with sturdier materials.

This time around, you’ll need to build the pen using stone walls. You can craft those using a Stonecutter (which costs x10 wood, x2 iron, and x4 stone) and placing it near a Workbench. Keep in mind that you’ll unlock the Stonecutter when you unlock iron.

Remember to build a platform or some stairs to exit the pen once the Lox is inside and leave a gap where the creature can enter. You definitely won’t want to find yourself trapped in a close space with an aggressive creature like this one.

Another thing you’ll need to do is stack up on barley, cloudberries, and flax, as you can use these as bait to lure the Lox inside.

How To Trap A Lox

After the pen is ready, all you need to do is lure a wild Lox inside. The safer thing to do is place some bait inside the pen and wait until a Lox enters it, build the last stone wall, and trap it inside. The only downside to this method is that it will take some time.

The quicker option (and the one that could potentially kill you if you’re not careful) is using yourself as life bait and making a Lox follow you to the inside of the pen. If you want to try this one, make sure you have equipped a good armor that can deal with the Lox’s attacks.

How To Tame A Lox

Once the Lox is secured, all you have to do is start feeding it over the next few days until you see hearts over its head and you get a notification that the Lox is tamed. Then you can safely enter the pen and even pet the creature.

Unfortunately, you can’t breed Lox or even use them to attack your enemies at the current game’s state. But Valheim is still in early access, so there is hope for these features to be added later on.

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