Valheim: All Aggresive Creatures In The Mountains And How To Deal With Them

In Valheim, the mountain biome looks like snow-covered mountains on the map, and, as you can expect, the weather there is unforgiving for unprepared players. In this biome, you’ll get an active effect called “Freezing,” during which you won’t regenerate your health, and your stamina will be lower. Don’t panic, as you can simply counteract these effects using a Frost resistance mead, a wolf set, being under a shelter, or being nearby fire. However, don’t get wet as this will only make the situation worst.

Once you’ve managed to survive this biome’s weather, there are still a wide array of aggressive creatures ready to attack you with all they’ve got. From wolves to a dragon, here’s how to deal with everything that wants to kill you in the freezing mountains.


Wolves will spawn in packs of 1 to 4, be careful as this animal moves quickly, and their attacks will take a chunk out of your health if you let them. When you kill them, they’ll drop the following loot:

  • Raw meat: a primary food source you can cook or use as an ingredient to make better recipes.
  • Wolf fang: an item you can use to craft Wolf armor legs and the Fang spear.
  • Wolf pelt: an item you can use in crafting to make things like the Drake helmet or the Wolf fur cape. You can also use Wolf’s pelt while building to create a Dragon bed or a Wolf rug.
  • Wolf trophy: a rare drop needed to craft the Wolf fur cape.

However, if you don’t want to kill every single wolf you encounter, the game lets you tame them, just like you can do with Lox and Boars. You can do this by throwing food at the animals while they aren’t attacking something; after some time doing so, the wolf will be tamed.

Arguably, out of all the creatures, you can tame, wolves are the most beneficial, as you can make them follow you and use them in combat.

You’ll encounter three different tiers of wolves in the game; these ranking will determine things like the wolf’s size, how much health they have, how much damage they can deal, and when they’ll spawn.

  • 0-star wolves: they deal 70 Slash damage and have 80 health-
  • 1-star wolves: this deal 105 Slash damage and have 160 health
  • 2-stars wolves: they only spawn at night and will deal 140 Slash damage and have 240 health.

How to deal with wolves

  • Blocking their attacks instead of using parry will only give you enough time to perform one fast attack. Afterward, block again so the wolf won’t bite you.
  • If you choose to parry their attacks, you’ll have more time to perform more attacks yourself.
  • Since wolves have to get close to you to deal any harm, consider using range weapons on them, like bows.
  • These animals are immune to Spirit damage.
  • A tamed wolf won’t attack you.


You’ll find these icy dragons protecting their nests in the Mountain biome. They can fly and attack you with their Frost Breath Ability. You’ll find Drakes with three different tiers, those are:

  • 0-stars Drakes: these deal 90 Frost damage and have 100 health.
  • 1-star Drakes: they deal 135 Frost damage and have 200 health.
  • 2-star Drakes: these deal 180 Frost damage and have 300 health.

Once killed, a Drake can drop a Drake trophy or Freeze gland (an item you can use in crafting).

How to deal with Drakes

  • They have an attacking pattern, Drakes will shot you with their frosty breath (which slows you for around 2 seconds), fly in a little circle, and then attack again.
  • The best tactic is to kill them at range using a bow and dodging their attacks.
  • Drakes are weak to Fire but immune to Frost and Spirit Damage.
  • Carefully where you’re standing as a Drake’s Frost Breath can push you off the side of a ledge.
  • Pay attention to the audio, as you’ll probably hear a Drake before seeing it.
  • If you’re in a group, have someone use a harpoon so the dragon won’t fly away and then attack it.

Stone Golems

These magical creatures can sneak up on you, as they’ll remain asleep until an unsuspecting player passes near them. When they are in their “sleep mode,” Stone Golems look like any other pile of rocks, so good look finding out if those rocks you see in the distance are harmless or are Stone Golem waiting to attack.

These creatures have an incredible amount of health, so killing them won’t be that easy. However, once you manage to do that, they can drop the Stone Golem trophy, Stone and Crystal (an item that has no use in the current game’s state).

Like all the other creatures in the game, Stone Golems have three tiers, those are:

  • 0-stars Stone Golems: They have 800 health and can deal 110 Blunt damage and 110 Pierce damage.
  • 1-stars Stone Golems: They have 1600 health and can deal 165 Blunt damage and 165 Pierce damage.
  • 2-stars Stone Golems: They have 2400 health and can deal 220 Blunt damage and 220 Pierce damage.

How to deal with Stone Golems

  • They are resistant to Slash and Pierce damage, are immune to Fire, Frost, Poison, and Spirit damage but are very weak to a Pickaxe.
  • Since one of their weakness is a Pickaxe, prepare for a melee encounter instead of using a bow and arrow.
  • Stone Golems have two forms (Boulder-armed Golems or Spike-armed Golems). Knowing the difference between each form will let you know what type of attack to expect.
  • Boulder-armed Golems attack in two ways. They can do light and fast slam with one hand or a strong and slow slam using their two arms.
  • Spike-armed Golems also have two attacks; these can attack by shooting their spikes in front of them or doing a 180° spike swiping attack.
  • These creatures attacks are powerful but slow, so you’ll have more chance of surviving them if you hit them from behind.
  • They can’t follow you through narrow paths or climb sheer cliffs.


Fenrings are the wolves angrier cousin; these creatures are big, brown, and kind of look like a werewolf; also, they’ll only spawn at night.

You’ll encounter three tiers of Fenrings in the Mountains, each with different stats. For example:

  • A 0-star Fenring has 300 health and will deal 85 or 95 Slash damage depending on the type of attack.
  • A 1-star Fenring has 600 health and will deal 127.5 or 142.5 Slash damage depending on the type of attack.
  • A 2-star Fenring has 900 health and, depending on the type of attack, will deal 170 or 190 Slash damage.

Once a Fenring is killed, they’ll drop a Wolf fang (which you can use in crafting) or the Fenring trophy.

How to deal with Fenrings

  • Pay attention to sound, as these creatures emit a howl different from the one wolves do. So you’ll know when a Fenring is nearby.
  • They are weak to Fire and resistant to Poison damage.
  • Careful when using parry against these creatures as they recover from it pretty quickly.
  • They have two types of attacks you should look out for. Fenrings can either hit you with a swain or crouch and then jump forward, hitting you with a swing/slam.

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