Ultimate Hunting Revealed, Will Be Ultimate Games’ Most Ambitious Project

Ultimate Games S.A. revealed a new realistic simulator, Ultimate Hunting, to repeat the success of Hunter: Call of the Wild. According to the publisher, the project will be the most expensive and ambitious in its portfolio with a budget of about $1.2 million.

The hunting simulator genre isn’t for everyone, yet such games can be very successful. For example, Expansive Worlds’ Hunter: Call of the Wild, released back in 2017, brought the creators more than $25 million (zł100 million) in revenue only from the PC version. This proves that the theme of hunting has a wide audience and the market happily buys such projects.

Now, Polish publisher Ultimate Games S.A., known for the Ultimate Fishing Simulator series, has officially announced Ultimate Hunting, a realistic and massive hunting simulator aimed at outdoor enthusiasts. The game is created by 3T Games studio, which uses Unreal Engine 4. The first Ultimate Hunting trailer shows some detailed scenery and animals, with the developers assuring the video uses real gameplay footage. Moreover, the company has not ruled out transferring Ultimate Hunting to Unreal Engine 5 to further improve the quality of the project.

Rafał Jelonek, chief operating officer of Ultimate Games S.A., said that currently there are not many products of this type on the market, and the upcoming game is a priority project for the company. Jelonek believes Ultimate Hunting will presumably “be the most comprehensive and extensive hunting simulator that has been developed in the past few years.”

As the chief operating officer said, Ultimate Hunting “is a very large project that requires a lot of work, time, knowledge, consultation and budget.” The project is considered the most expensive for Ultimate Games S.A. with a budget of about $1,2 million (zł3-5 million).

At the launch, the developers aim to deliver African and American regions at the player’s disposal. The game will offer a career mode with different hunting tasks for unique species of animals found only in a given area, as well as so-called free hunting mode.

Ultimate Hunting is expected on Steam sometime in 2022. The publisher intends to release the project via early access. In addition to the PC version, Ultimate Hunting will also be available on consoles and virtual reality devices.

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