Ubisoft’s Roller Champions Skates Into Closed Alpha Next Week

Roller Champions, the new roller derby game from Ubisoft, will enter closed alpha next week. Sign up today.

Rocket League proved that a sports game doesn’t need to be taken from reality in order to be successful–it just needs to take enough. Rocket League is a mutant form of soccer (or football, depending on what country you’re from) played with cars, but since everybody knows soccer, it’s easy to get into the game. That’s the secret of Rocket League’s success.

Not everybody knows how roller derbies work, but the rules to Roller Champions are simple enough: grab the ball, do a full lap of the arena, and then throw the ball through a hoop. Do it 5 times and win. Easy, right?

Well, not so fast. As with real roller derbies, the opposing team is out for blood and can use anything at their disposal to knock the opposing team off their feet. In Roller Champions, that could mean aerial tackles, skate-first jump kicks, or flying elbows that look straight out of a wrestling game.

We got to see Roller Champions in action at last year’s E3 festivities, and while the game was still in pre-alpha and buggy as all get-out, there was still enough potential for us to keep an eye on things. So we’re happy to see that Ubisoft has decided to give Roller Champions its first closed alpha test next week.

The closed alpha will run from March 11 at 9 AM PST to March 23 at 1 PM PST. It will only be for Windows PC via Uplay, although Roller Champions is eventually expected to release on all major consoles. During this time, Ubisoft is hoping to get as much feedback as they can regarding the technical state of the game as well as the gameplay itself.

Unlike most closed alphas where the reward is simply being able to play the game before anyone else, Ubisoft is giving alpha testers a reward that they get to keep when Roller Champions finally releases later in 2020: a phase-exclusive in-game outfit. We don’t know what the outfit will look like, but nobody else will ever be able to get it, so this is your only chance.

Sign up over on the Roller Champions website.

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