Twitch Streamer Gets Drunk And Fires Gun On Camera

Esports gamer and streamer Carl Riemer has been banned from Twitch and kicked out of SoaR Gaming after he got drunk and fired a gun, live on stream. The clip of his career-ending mistake was posted onto Twitter and began to circulate soon after the incident occurred. Thankfully no one was hurt, but his channel has since been taken down from Twitch, and SoaR has issued a statement saying he has been removed from their roster.

The clip begins with Riemer picking up his gun and messing with it. He appears to be joking around and you can see he thinks he has emptied the clip as he tips it towards the camera, just before chaos ensues. The gun then goes off, apparently shooting his drink and an expensive monitor. His face turns to shock as he realizes what has happened. The video is below and contains NSFW language.

In the cold (and sober) light of day, things aren’t looking good for the streamer. His Twitch account has been banned and his SoaR contract has been revoked. This may not be all the trouble the streamer gets into either. Depending on state law he could also have issues with the law. According to criminal defense lawyers this could fall under illegal firearm use. They say:

“Some states have laws which prohibit the illegal use of a weapon. Such laws prohibit illegal discharge of a weapon, but they may also prohibit such conduct as brandishing a firearm in an angry or threatening manner, firing a weapon within 100 yards of a school, and handling or firing a weapon while drunk.”

If these laws apply in his area then he could also face potential charges due to his alleged intoxication. Understandably he is currently in shock and very regretful. He released the following apology:

In the short but emotional video he takes full responsibility for his actions, thanks SoaR and discusses the realities of what he did. He states that it was “not ok” as well as listing some of the potential consequences he thankfully avoided, including hurting himself, other people or his pets. He also says that he has no idea if he will even be allowed to stream again. He ends with the important message “Don’t play with f**king guns.”

This is sensible advice that everyone, streamer or not should take on board. Riemer’s actions were irresponsible and dangerous and he’s sure to be thanking his lucky stars that his career is the only thing he’s hurt.

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