Twitch Prime Celebrates DOOM Eternal With Pink Unicorn Doomslayer Skin

With Doom Eternal on the horizon, Doom Slayers will be happy to know that they can now murder helpless demons while wearing armor that looks like a pink, winged unicorn.

Well. We knew that Doom Eternal was going to have a sense of humor when we found out that the Revenant would have a skin that replaces its rocket launchers with trumpets. But then, we didn’t know that Doom Eternal would go full Brony on us.

Twitch Prime is partnering up with Bethesda to offer a highly exclusive Doom Slayer skin that shows just how magical killing evil hellspawn can be. For those willing to link their Bethesda and Twitch Prime accounts, we present the DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection.

At the center of the collection is the “DOOMicorn Slayer” skin, with its highly noticeable pink wings and magic wand stabbing implement. The skin normally comes in pristine white (which will surely remain pristine for all of 2 seconds before being covered in demon blood), but you can get it in “Purple Pony” or “Night-mare” variants that turn it purple or black, respectively.

In addition to these fanciest of fancy skins, you’ll also get the “Magic Meadow Base Podium”, which is an upgradeable platform for displaying your favorite skins. The DOOMicorn skin is obviously going to be the best one available to Doom Eternal players, so it should be prominently displayed at all times.

Also included are several animations, including the “Clip Clop” stance animation for taunting demons in BATTLEMODE, the “Haymaker” intro animations for striking fear into the hearts of demons before a match, and the “Horsing Around” victory animation for rubbing their faces in your horse leavings.

There’s also a player icon and nameplate and title, but the real draw here is the skin.

You can claim your DOOMicorn Master Slayer Collection by linking your Bethesda and Twitch Prime accounts, then claim the package directly from Twitch Prime. The collection will only be available between March 20 and April 21, so get on it. Doom Eternal arrives on March 20.

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