Triangle Strategy: New Game Plus Content Guide

Your time in Norzelia doesn't need to end when you beat Triangle Strategy for the first time. Doing so unlocks New Game+, which allows players to start the game again from the beginning without saying goodbye to the units they've acquired and the funds and inventory they've accrued.

While this option might not seem so tantalizing if Triangle Strategy were to tell a single, straightforward story, players who have gotten to the end of the road with House Wolffort once will have recognized several potential branching paths along the way.

Read on to find out five ways to enjoy this great strategy RPG all over again after clearing the credits and reloading that lovely post-game save file.

5 Experience the Other Story Paths

We'll lead with the most obvious one, and for many players, perhaps the most immediately appealing. In Triangle Strategy, there are a total of four endings (and associated endgame chapters). One of them follows Frederica more closely than the other lead characters. Another does so for Roland, and a third for Benedict.

Unless you consulted a guide step-by-step deliberately to do so, it's somewhat unlikely you will have obtained the fourth ending, the "Golden Route" that eschews individual character focus in favor of a more well-rounded and definitive finale. Since New Game+ gives you all your hard-earned stuff, this is a great way to go back and check out everything you've missed.

Even if you did manage to reach the Golden Route on your first file, you may still find the various eccentricities (and serious shockers) in the other paths worth experiencing. For the rest of you, now is a fantastic time to look up how to get there and begin your journey anew.

4 See How Your Choices Matter

This ties in rather tightly with experiencing other story paths, since it helps to ensure you can do so. In New Game+, players can view the Conviction score correlation for every dialogue option, be it Morality, Utility, or Liberty. Your first time through, you accrued big chunks of each depending on how you replied. During big, story-determining Scales of Conviction voting sequences, your scores in each field dictated how well you could sway certain characters in a given direction.

All of it was under the hood, but the hood comes clean off in New Game+. Your scores carry over from your prior file, but if you were so set on a particular aspect that the others lagged significantly behind, now you can work on fixing that. You can even see everything that adds more incremental score, like how Serenoa talking to 25 NPCs ups Utility, for example.

3 Recruit the Rest

Although your units transfer from your post-game save file, it's impossible to obtain all 30 playable characters in a single playthrough. This is because several are tied to choosing a specified ending route. You'll have to beat Triangle Strategy a whopping four times for them all.

But even beyond those story-centric stragglers, it's fairly unlikely that you'll have matched the steep Conviction score requirements for all the rest. Decimal's a good candidate for proving that – achieving 1600 Morality is exceedingly difficult without the aid of New Game+. Ditto for Quahaug, who needs 1600 Utility.

Fantastically, the game will show you how much more you need of each respective type before you can acquire a missing Conviction-based character.

2 Experience High-Level Play

Levels don't reset in New Game+. On its own, this fact would make the bulk of a second playthrough exceedingly easy. If you're walking into the skirmish with bandits in Chapter One as you remember it, a level 30-something Serenoa will make mincemeat of them all before you can say "for the honor of House Wolffort."

Instead, the game pulls one over us by ramping up the levels of all enemy units accordingly. Travis and Trish? They're level 35. It only rises from there. By the end of the Golden Route, which we use as an example since it has the most battles of them all, you'll be seeing recommended levels of 50 or higher.

With these serious upticks comes a totally new way to play. You'll get to experience abilities you barely had the chance to check out in revamped old fights that force you to make full use of them. There are even hard versions of mental mock battles now, plus you'll unlock several you didn't see yet on your previous file.

1 Live a Life of Riches

The rigors of purchasing weapon upgrade equipment and health items keeps Triangle Strategy's economy razor-thin on first files. Players who wish to rank up their weapons and learn as many cool abilities, stat boosts, and handy passives as possible will find themselves dirt broke for much of the adventure.

Since money transfers, you could hypothetically be starting this new file of yours with tens of thousands of coins. Use them on some more weapon upgrades and don't be afraid to go ham with Lionel the merchant's potion selection. You're going to need all the help you can get in some of these upcoming high-leveled rematches, especially if you're playing on Hard!

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