Triangle Strategy: Chapter 9, Part 2 – To Desert’s End Walkthrough

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  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Side Story: Central Hyzante
  • Main Story: Whiteholm Castle
  • Main Story: Citadel of the Sands
  • Side Story: Citadel of the Sands
  • Side Story: Central Hyzante
  • Main Story: Valley of Dunes
  • Exploration Event: Valley of Dunes
  • Combat Event: Valley of Dunes

With Triangle Strategy, producer Tomoya Asano and his hard-working scribes have proven more than capable of telling a tale where being a just and virtuous ruler can have its own fair share of consequences. This is magnified in 'To Desert's End', the version of Chapter Nine's back half in which players have elected to report the devious Sorsley rather than work alongside him as demanded.

As Serenoa and his retinue make their way across the sands to Hyzante's capital, they'll be stopped by a certain Mr. Booker and thrust into another difficult battle. But before that can happen, a fair few story scenes will take place, culminating in an Exploration Phase in the eerily quiet night.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Serenoa publicly accepts Sorsley's offer. Privately, House Wolffort prepares their betrayal.

Side Story: Central Hyzante

Main Story: Whiteholm Castle

The more she dwells, the further Cordelia's sense of despair. Understandable.

Main Story: Citadel of the Sands

Benedict explains the team's plan to make for Central Hyzante under cover of night, abandoning Sorsley's instructions for them to travel to Aesfrost with the salt.

Side Story: Citadel of the Sands

Sorsley is informed that something is awry…

Side Story: Central Hyzante

Minister Kamsell is the very image of unfazed. No, seriously, open up his profile. Look at that man.

Main Story: Valley of Dunes

As House Wolffort pauses mid-journey, the soundless evening strikes their sense of suspicion.

Exploration Event: Valley of Dunes

Against that too-still backdrop, Serenoa explores his surroundings and checks on each of his friends in turn. Predictably, there's no merchant here — Lionel is not the type to risk life and limb — but there are still some decent items to be found.

Items, Notes, and Information

1200 CoinsSearch the area near Geela.
Poison Recovery PelletCheck the tree over by Benedict. Note that this one will surely come in handy against Booker.
Ranged WindstoneNot far from Erador.
Fortifying SpiceNorth and just a tad west from Hughette.
700 CoinsSearch the rocks in Anna's vicinity.

That's all for freebies here. Apparently, no one leaves notes out in the middle of the wilderness. Go figure!

Conviction Conversation: Erador
Do keep your voice down, Erador. They'll not ambush us so easily if they cannot hear us coming.
If House Ende attacks, they would hand us the chance to secure a witness to their crimes.
All that matters is that Frederica and Roland remain safe. Guard them with your life.
Conviction Conversation: Anna
Any trap House Ende sets is a good opportunity to secure a witness to their crimes.
We cannot be sure they were. Perhaps it was someone…sympathetic to your cause, as it were?
I know of no better spy than you. If the worst comes to pass, the order was mine, and I shall answer for it.

Combat Event: Valley of Dunes

Eschewing the storytelling trope of the secretly devious advisor, Booker proves himself a true pal to Sorsley. Or some approximation therein. The point is, he's here, he's aware of Serenoa's scheme, and he's really, really proud of his archers.

Let's kill him.

Recommended Level14
DeploymentDeployment Limit: 10 Units
Mandatory Units: Serenoa
Recommended Units: Frederica, Erador, Hughette, Anna, Jens
Guest Units: None
ObjectiveDecimate the enemy forces.
Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Valley of Dunes Battle Strategy

We peg this battle as a three-out-of-five on the difficulty scale, but in this case it's more of an average between two phases. These phases aren't literal; rather, they're a transition between your situation when the battle begins and the improved situation you'll find yourself in further on. The former's a four; the latter's a two.

At the outset, many of your units will be stuck deep in a ravine with enemy archers raining arrows down upon them. It's imperative that you get your people out of there sooner rather than later. There are multiple ways of doing so, but assuming you've been able to recruit him, by far the best way to ascend to even ground is through Jens. Recall that Jens can construct ladders on the fly. You can build one on either side of the ravine, but our recommendation is the right side, where the archers are minimal and Shieldbearers are more frequent.

There are other ways to do this. If you have Jens, use these in conjunction. If you don't, you'll need to focus primarily on them instead. The Quietus Lightwave can transport characters up higher. On an individual scale, Anna can use Surmount if she's acquired the skill, and Hughette can, of course, fly up high with ease.

Once you're up, your goal is to hold your chosen side of the cliff, warding off and dispatching foes along the way. Booker's starting location allows the assassin to get up close and personal swiftly regardless of your choice. Assuming you selected the side with Shieldbearers and their kin, use Erador to stave them off whilst selecting someone nimbler like Anna to handle Booker himself. She won't be able to defeat him outright at this stage, but if you can have Benedict buff her, she's the superior pick over brawny Erador for keeping a fast-paced Booker at bay.

This battle starts off with a hidden timer in the sense that your units will quickly get themselves killed off if you linger "downstairs" overlong. Once Booker's ranged units are forced to spend a few turns traveling around the high ground perimeter to reach you, you'll be in far sharper shape going forward. At this point, mages like Frederica can really earn their keep as Booker's troops huddle together en route to you.

When the dust settles and the would-be murderer is gloriously murdered, Chapter Nine comes to a close.

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