Triangle Strategy: Chapter 8, Part 2 – Parting Ways Walkthrough

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  • Side Story: Crown City
  • Side Story: Wolffort Harbor
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Exploration Event: Wolffort Streets
  • Side Story: Falkes Streets
  • Combat Event: Wolffort Streets
  • Chapter 8, Part 3 – Light And Shadow
  • Side Story: Norzelian Mountains: Base
  • Main Story: Falkes Street
  • Side Story: Whiteholm Castle
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Main Story: Norzelia River: Bank

This is the chapter of Triangle Strategy you get if you decide not to agree to Silvio Telliore's proposal in the previous part. Rejecting him, you'll soon uncover Silvio's true colors and be forced to defend Castle Wolffort against a band of Glenbrook Soldiers, including a very tough and renowned opponent.

As always with this game, there are decisions to be made, a battle to be fought, and items to be collected. To make sure that you don't miss a thing, we have the perfect chapter guide!

Side Story: Crown City

Gustadolph sends Avlora off to take on Landroi, the lord of one of Glenbrook's High Houses.

Side Story: Wolffort Harbor

The bandits from the first chapter of the game, Travis and Trish, discuss the bounty that Aesfrost has put on Roland's head.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Telliore's intentions are revealed, and his army are knocking at Castle Wolffort's gates. Among his soldiers is Rufus "Herosbane" – a name to run away from very quickly to be sure.

Exploration Event: Wolffort Streets

With tensions rising and an army on the way, we have a new map to explore. Here we are at the Wolffort Gates, filled with barricades ready for the encroaching army. As usual, there are things to be picked up and conversations to be had.

Items, Notes, And Information

Invigorating Spice x3To the right of the gate.
Ranged IcestoneExamine the tree to the left of Erador.
Iron x3Examine the tree down the slope from Roland.
500 CoinsExamine the tree to the right of Hughette.
1,100 CoinsTo the left of the gate.
A Letter from KinOn the ground between Erador and Hughette.

Conviction Conversations

Conviction Conversation: Benedict
Their fear is understandable. Even so, I imagine they will retreat if they find themselves fighting a losing battle.Utility
The Telliore demesne is closer to Aesfrost than our own. It stands to reason that their fear would be greater as well.Liberty
House Telliore's hands are yet clean, unlike our own. It makes me wonder if Lord Silvio is the greater ruler between us…Morality
Conviction Conversation: Wolffort Soldier
We may need all the help we can get, but asking Hyzante for aid might result in a war not unlike that of thirty years ago…Morality
The alliance has been shattered and House Telliore has turned against us. It seems almost foolish to rely on the good will of others now…Liberty
We share a common enemy with Hyzante. To that end, I surmise the Holy State is waiting to see if we would make a formidable ally.Utility

Once you have concluded your exploration, there is nothing to do but wait for Telliore to make their move. Prepare for a fight!

Side Story: Falkes Streets

Landroi hears of both Telliore's betrayal and the advancing army led by Avlora. It's not a very good day for Lord Landroi.

Combat Event: Wolffort Streets

Silvio states that our lofty convictions will not change reality, but he's quite wrong about that. It's time to ward off his forces and cut his treachery down to size. Of course, Silvio himself is too cowardly to fight, but Rufus is a worthy opponent.

Battle Overview

Recommended Level12
EnemiesRufus, 3x Glenbrook Bowman, 3x Glenbrook Shieldbearer, 2x Glenbrook Blade, 2x Glenbrook Battlemage, 2x Glenbrook Healer, 1x Glenbrook Pikeman
DeploymentDeployment Limit: 10 Units
Mandatory Units: Serenoa
Recommended Units: Frederica, Hughette, Rudolph
ObjectiveDefeat Rufus.
SpoilsSpider Silk
Medal of Bravery

As you can imagine, having the height advantage means that your archers will have a fantastic time here. This is a great opportunity for some Kudos farming if you have the patience!

Wolffort Streets Battle Strategy

While you start this battle with a fantastic height advantage, this doesn't really mean much for your melee-aligned units.

To expedite their trips down the winding stone staircase, deploy Jens if you have him. His ability to construct ladders wherever you want them will come in very handy. Equip him with a Vanguard Scarf to get a headstart on this strategy.

Be aware that if you try to build a second ladder, the first ladder will disappear. Don't let your units get stuck!

If you have Narve recruited, his Icy Breath spell can be used to great advantage. It'll place icy patches that slow the advance of your foes and deal a ton of damage to the various enemies that are conspicuously weak to the ice element.

In a similar fashion, beware of the Glenbrook Battlemages. They will use Scorch to destroy the wooden barricades instantly and set down dangerous patches of fire. If you can use wind attacks to your advantage, though, this could be their comeuppance.

Your main targets in the first rounds of this fight will likely be the Battlemages, Healer, and Bowmen. It's far easier to control the movement of the physical attackers, so deal with the ranged attackers asap.

The Healer is especially important to kill. You don't want him healing Rufus when you've almost managed to finish the brute off.

Rufus is a pretty tough customer to deal with and provides a large portion of this battle's difficulty. He has a very high physical damage output and can even use Bolster to give himself some extra TP while increasing his physical attributes. His Armor Break attack is his nastiest tool, though, as it easily deals over 70 damage even to your bulkier units. Take him on with care and caution, and heal up your units whenever necessary.

He has a pretty glaring weakness to magic damage, so Frederica, Narve, and any other magic damage dealers you may have will make themselves useful in taking him down.

One great way to destroy Rufus is to inflict Immobilize on him with Hughette's Shadowstitching Arrow attack. It won't always stick, but if it does, you've secured yourself a significant amount of breathing room to take on other units without fear of his might.

Once you have him down, the battle is over.

With the battle over, Silvio flees with Rufus in pursuit. This ends Part Two of Chapter Eight, Parting Ways. But this is not the end of the chapter.

Chapter 8, Part 3 – Light And Shadow

With the spoils of the last battle, now would be a good time to promote one of your favorite units with the Medal of Bravery. In addition, you can upgrade one of your archers' weapons with the Spider Silk. We recommend Hughette, as she's a main character and has amazing versatility thanks to flight.

Side Story: Norzelian Mountains: Base

Desperately trying to flee, Silvio gets caught up to by Rufus. He's already claimed the Herosbane moniker, will he claim Ratsbane, too?

Main Story: Falkes Street

Avlora faces off against Landroi, a man who she respects but finds herself opposing on the field of battle.

Side Story: Whiteholm Castle

Gustadolph congratulates Avlora on her victory – finally – and then plans his next move.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Roland gets Benedict to go along with a plan that will shake up the political state of the country.

Main Story: Norzelia River: Bank

Travis and Trish come across an unlikely discovery, with Roland's plan falling directly into place.

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