Trials Of Osiris returning to Destiny 2 in March reveals Bungie

Destiny 2’s most difficult PvP mode is returning to the game next month, with the old Egyptian-themed armour also making a comeback.

Destiny modes and features come and go but the toughest competitive challenge remains Trials Of Osiris from the first game.

It was a team-based Elimination style mode that required a special Trials Passage ticket, but if you lost three times you had to buy a new one with in-game currency.

That obviously made it very difficult, with the rewards being some unique armour sets based around ancient Egyptian gods.

The last Trials Of Osiris event was in August 2017, but Bungie has now announced that it will be added to Destiny 2 on 13 March.

Coming with it will be the much-coveted armour, which will now glow if you manage to get a Flawless run in the game.

Bungie will also be bringing back a number of old Destiny 1 maps, such as Anomaly, Exodus Blue, and Cauldron.

Although it wasn’t obvious at the time, the return has been teased for a while now, as players have been encouraged to donate materials to a beacon on Mercury, which will now be use to build a new Lighthouse to host the trials.

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