Trek To Yomi Hits Xbox Game Pass This Spring

Today’s [email protected] presentation has brought fortuitous news for Trek to Yomi. Developer Flying Wild Hog has narrowed down Trek to Yomi’s release window from 2022 to spring 2022.

The announcement comes courtesy of a new trailer that dropped during the livestream. Besides showing off the main character’s sword skills, we also got to see Hikori use the terrain to his advantage by cutting the rope to a raised crate. He also fought against fiery enemies as they battled on a burning bridge.

Finally, the trailer ends with the spring 2022 release window on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. Note the Game Pass symbol, which likely means that Trek to Yomi will also be a day-one Game Pass release.

Trek to Yomi was first announced last year during Devolver Digital's Max Pass Plus livestream. A 2D sidescroller, the game practically oozes the aesthetic of a classic samurai film, with the game presented in black and white and all the dialog being in Japanese. It’s a similar story to Ghost of Tsushima and follows in the footsteps of Sifu, which presents itself as an authentic kung fu movie experience with recently added Mandarin voiceovers.

In Trek To Yomi, you play as Kiroki, a young swordsman tasked with defending his village thanks to the dying wish of his master. Things evidently don't go quite as planned as the trailer clearly shows the village on fire and with horrifically scarred samurai running amok. There's also a demon-like creature wielding a glaive, which is perhaps revealing a slightly spiritual bent to the game.

Personally, I’m totally here for all these classic movie genres as video games. Ghost of Tsushima, however, is looking to go full circle with a live-action movie adaptation. No release date has been set, but director Chad Stahelski seems pretty confident we’ll see this movie soon.

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