Top Gun: Maverick DLC Coming To Ace Combat 7

Top Gun: Maverick is due to hit theaters in just over a week’s time, and that means it’s time to start rolling out the video game tie-ins. Microsoft Flight Simulator has already announced its Top Gun crossover will arrive on May 7, the same day as the film, and now Ace Combat 7 has just announced it’s also going to have its own Top Gun DLC.

"This spring Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown and the movie Top Gun: Maverick will be released as an aircraft collaboration DLC," wrote Bandai Namco on Twitter. The exact release date wasn’t provided, but we can likely expect it to be announced in the coming days.

As for what to expect, previous DLC added aircraft, skins, emblems, and some multiplayer music tracks, so we can likely expect more of the same. The four rumored aircraft to be added in the DLC are all taken directly from the Top Gun film and include the F/A-18E Super Hornet, F-14A Tomcat, S-72, and Su-57K.

The F/A-18E is the single seat version of the two F/A-18Fs already present in Ace Combat 7. The F-14A is the initial production version of the Tomcat that was featured in the original Top Gun film. The SR-72 was a proposed successor to the famous SR-71 Blackbird spy plane but was never produced. You can briefly see the craft in some of Top Gun: Maverick’s promotional material. The Su-57 is already present in Ace Combat 7, so the Su-57K is likely an experimental variant with different special weapons.

We’ll be sure to report on details once Bandai Namco tweets ‘em. In the meantime, Paramount has released a teaser video showcasing what the Top Gun actors went through to train for the upcoming military blockbuster. Tom Cruise reportedly wanted as much of the movie to be as real as possible, which meant that every actor had to get used to the strain of intense G forces pilots endure in an actual dogfight.

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