Tony Hawk Crashes Pro Skater Cover Band Performance, Bursts Into Song On Stage

The legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk recently gatecrashed a Pro Skater cover band performance before proceeding to climb up on stage and belt out some songs from the soundtracks. The events transpired this past Saturday at Signature Brew in London, UK. “I had to join the party,” Hawk stated.

The group in question is appropriately known as The 900, a reference to the nearly three turn aerial spin famously pulled off by Hawk. The 900 proudly refers to itself as “the UK’s first and only Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater cover band.” The group is currently on tour performing “all the bangers from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to American Wasteland.”

“Thank you for having such reverence,” Hawk said while on stage. “It’s really been my biggest honor to have these games carry on for so long and hey, we’re keeping it going, right? I had to join the party!” The 900 later said on Twitter that “we legit played two songs with Tony Hawk, what the actual fuck?”

“Not gonna lie, when we booked a Tony Hawk soundtrack cover band, we didn’t expect actual Tony Hawk to show up in London and cover Goldfinger with them,” Signature Brew remarked on the same social media platform. “Sorry, what just happened?” The brewery is all about uniting people “through the power of incredible beer, great music, and unforgettable experiences" which sounds about right given the circumstances.

Hawk was apparently scheduled to appear at the London Palladium for An Evening with Tony Hawk. When the show was canceled, Hawk made his way over to Signature Brew.

“Let's talk about last night,” The 900 said on Facebook. “Tony Hawk himself came to our show at Signature Brew and blew the roof off! Words can't express how grateful we are to Tony for not only watching our show, but nailing two iconic songs!”

Hawk is known for turning up in seemingly random places. People are frequently surprised to learn they’re actually talking to the skateboarder, sometimes even remarking that he looks like himself.

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