Today’s Wordle answer is another hard one as study show an increase in cheating

A new report suggests that more people than ever are cheating at Wordle, and answers like today’s explains why.

As popular as Wordle still is, sometimes it seems like all anyone ever does is complain about it. Today’s answer is another example of what seems to be a perfectly normal word but because of the way the game works is actually really hard.

We won’t spoil what the answer is until after the advert below but it’s similar to previous days where there are too many possibilities for it to be worked out in time without a degree of luck.

This, and the general perception that Wordle is getting harder (even though the only thing that’s changed is removing obscure words), has meant an increasing number of players have turned to cheating, with a new study suggesting a 196% rise since The New York Times took over.

Cheating in Wordle is not exactly difficult. All you need to do is google ‘today’s answer’ or similar and you’ll immediately find the solution, but that not only spoils the fun it also ruins any sense of fair competition in terms of score streaks.

Unfortunately though, the perception that the game has gotten harder has taken over and no matter how much proof is presented that it hasn’t that’s the idea a lot of people have got into their heads.

Website WordFinger, which provides help and solutions for a variety of word puzzles, has published a graph showing the increase in searches for Wordle answers over time – although that could just be an indication of the game’s constantly growing popularity.

The graph certainly shows spikes during days when there is a difficult word though and today is likely to be one of those days, since the answer is… NASTY.

That many not seem an obviously difficult one but a lot of players have complained that there are too many options for the first letter, which means that no matter how logical you try to be you might not get it before you run out of goes.

There’s never been any suggestion that anyone, including the original creator, has checked to make sure whether words work well within the rules of the game, which means difficult days like this are bound to happen again.

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