Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How To Defeat The Parasite

From the creators of the Borderlands series comes an all-new adventure based on the world-famous table-top RPG known as Dungeons and Dragons. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands adapts the incredible Borderlands universe into a fully customizable adventure where you can live out your wildest dreams beyond the stretches of Pandora.

Like its sister games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features challenging bosses that truly test a player’s ability to grasp the game’s mechanics and beautifully crafted terrain. One such boss is the Parasite, an evil demonic mushroom that has taken root in the very beanstalk you erected during your playthrough of the campaign.

Parasite – Phase One

The first phase begins once you encounter the Parasite. It will look like one of the many Shroomancers you’ve fought up to this point and will have a blue shield bar (Ward) above its health bar. A shock weapon will do wonders to deplete this ward but be wary of the three spells the Parasite will cast.

The first spell is a linking spell where the Parasite attaches itself to you, causing your ward and health if you let it. Its second spell is a lightning spell that can do extreme damage to you, so dodge any electric balls you may see. The final spell is a summoning spell where the Parasite summons small mushroom enemies to attack you. Approach this spell with caution as it can be quite easy for a solo player to feel overwhelmed by the enemies.

Parasite – Phase Two

Once the boss’ ward is depleted, phase two will begin with the Parasite dropping to the ground, beginning to chase after you, and it will continue to use the same spells before, as well as a melee attack. However, small mushrooms soldiers and skeleton archers will appear on the battlefield and leech away at your health. Dealing fire damage to the boss will speed this phase right along and put an end to this parasitic nightmare.

Parasite – Phase Three

The third phase begins with the Parasite exposing the grotesque skull under its mushroom cap. At this point, you can see that the Parasite was actually animating the skeleton all along. This means that the Parasite now shares the same weakness that all skeletons have – Frost damage. As far as attacks go, the Parasite will use the same listed above but will top each one with the bonus effect of poison damage. Be wary of the skeletons that will continue to spawn on the battlefield.

Once the final bar of health is taken down, the Parasite will die, and you can reap your rewards from the glorious mountain of loot that will spawn upon its corpse.

Also, note that defeating the Parasite will allow you to finish the Walk the Stalk side quest. If you are missing any of the elemental damages necessary to breeze through the battle, be sure to check out the vending machines across the map to acquire guns that have your missing element. However, you must be aware of the fact that these guns do cost gold.

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