Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: 8 Things To Never Do

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands has come onto the scene and given Borderlands fans something new to sink their teeth into for another few dozen, or a few hundred, hours. Six new classes, multiple reworked gameplay features, and more lootsplosions are ready to be had.

Character customization, hundreds of collectibles, weapons, armor, spells, and so much more loot. There are countless valid gameplay features to focus on during your time in the Wonderlands, but these are a few things you would be best off avoiding to make the most of your Fatemaker experience.

8 Seek Out Loot Dice

The Wonderlands has many alluring items hidden throughout. Scrolls, weapons, money, loot. These Loot Dice entice you to explore the Wonderlands, which isn’t a bad thing to do. The issue with the Loot Dice is that they quickly become obsolete the longer you play the game and the more you find. This is especially true now that Loot Dice Luck is transferred between your characters after the new update and DLC.

A majority of the Loot Dice are within plain view or slightly off the beaten track. Your loot chances will be good enough without spending hours searching each level for these fun, but troublesome, items.

7 Fight Random Overworld Encounters

Unless you’re itching for a fight, these Overworld encounters don’t offer much. They have the chance for world drop weapons, but so does every other fight that helps you progress throughout the game. These fights simply take up time and offer little in the way of rewards. You can get some of the best handguns here or anywhere else.

You are better off going to a location and seeking out enemies which much less downtime between fights. These random encounters are only valuable in completing the odd quest here and there.

6 Buy From Shops

While the Wonderlands occasionally has good items in the shop, they often aren’t worth emptying your wallet out for. Money is an increasingly scarce commodity in the game as every inventory and ammunition upgrade has to be paid for in cold, hard cash.

Unless you are in a pinch for ammo, a viable weapon, or armor pieces, shops are best avoided. If you have a friend, you could duplicate funds and items, making shops much more viable.

5 Hoard Skill Points

I understand the appeal. Save up your points to decide what build you want to finalize with your upcoming upgrade points. It would be enticing to feel the jump in your power. Unfortunately, it is much better to receive the marginal advantages of spending your points over saving them.

Extra elemental damage, health, or melee damage could be the difference needed to get a second wind and be revived to continue the fight. Those spent upgrade points could help you get the final hit on a hard-fought boss fight. Just spend those points.

4 Keep Lower-Level Weapons

You won’t use them again. Trust me. It feels taboo, but you can let it go. In a game full of loot and intentional hoarding, keeping old weapons is one thing you do not need to do unless you plan on vaulting them for another playthrough.

You will often find a replacement or the exact duplicate within no time at all, especially with added loot chances from the hidden loot dice and Chaos modifiers. I know that weapon means the world to you, but it is okay to give it up.

3 Stay On A Low Chaos Level

If you can, keep moving through your Chaos Chamber runs. This will increase the likelihood that you'll receive good gear, and it will expedite how quickly you level up your Myth Rank. Staying on lower chaos levels may help you feel powerful, but if you want to create an even more busted build or test out others, increasing your chaos level will help you get there.

With more Chaos Levels already added to the game, you have to make your way through all 35 levels to get the best gear.

2 Ignore Red Text

While damage is an alluring statistic, most weapons are made excellent because of their enchantments or other description modifiers. These can create synergies, boost your damage, and help increase your enjoyment of the game.

First, you have to accept the fact a weapon’s power level or damage doesn’t mean everything. Once you realize this, you can even begin to use purple weapons over legendary items because you have read the text and found key bonuses that your weapon provides.

1 Only Use Part Of Your Build

Many of the advantages to the gameplay in the Wonderlands is that everything is closely tied together. Weapons, modifiers, the best spells, and even your faithful companions can inflict status effects and synergize with each other.

Ignoring any one of these will take away from the full experience and make your character less powerful than it could be. Even if you only use a spell to proc extra gun damage, make sure you are using benefits from every item and ability at your disposal.

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