Three Scenes From Spider-Man No Way Home Have Been Shared Ahead Of Release

Three clips from Spider-Man: No Way Home have been shared ahead of the film's premiere on December 15. While none of them have a trace of the other Spidey's, they give us some extra context for the scenes we've already seen in the trailer, and also confirm that we'll be picking up exactly where we left off in Far From Home.

One of the clips is the first minute of the film. Here, we see the people of New York suddenly turn on Peter Parker, forcing him and MJ to escape the streets to avoid confrontation and accusations that he killed Mysterio.

We don't see what happens to Peter and MJ after these reveal, other than that they hide out hundreds of feet above the ground to avoid the crowds. Peter calls Ned, who also just saw the reveal, and then the scene ends.

The next clip gives us an extended look at the first fight between Peter and Alfred Molina's Doc Ock. This appears to shoot down a fan theory that the scene was edited in the trailer just to make it look like he was talking to MCU Spidey – when he was actually about to take on Tobey Maguire's version of the web-slinger. Unless this is a misdirection too, it looks pretty straightforward: just one Spidey in this scene.

The last scene to be shared is a new version of Doctor Strange's spell, including additional dialogue. Fans had already suspected that this Stephen Strange isn't all he seems to be, as this would be quite reckless, even for him. This new clip adds more fuel to the fire, as he's very eager to rush through such a dangerous and far-reaching spell. It reveals that it all could have been avoided had Strange just explained the situation to Peter a bit better, and given him time to say what exactly he would like it to do – suggesting that the wizard wanted it to mess up.

In any case, it isn't long until we find out what's going on for sure. Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres this Wednesday – so start muting words on Twitter now if you don't want spoilers.

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